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# man to help # velvet gap Yang Yang Xu Wei Zhou like Prince magician lead: the howling wind blowing up in your sleep, looking through my wardrobe bed quilt also feel in addition should buy some new clothes. Last week found that male star editor wearing their uniform velvet, with Wu Yifan and Xu Weizhou as representatives made a correct demonstration, and who became negative examples, let’s take a look at. This set of velvet velvet sofa and curtains or sofa cloth always involved with fabric actually has a distinguished history, as men’s classic fabric because it appears in the magician’s occupation dress, let wear men not good how much is a little joke, but in the last week of the male star, a demonstration it is the right way to open, there is the gutter over the ship. The magician # man to help # star Wu Yifan Wu Yifan dress black list: first we talk about the gongbang star, Wu Yifan last week with the movie "summer is the best actor of tree and hope to heaven" won the Tokyo International Film Festival China Film Week Award of the golden crane. He was dressed in a black velvet suit Burberry day, take the Ami silver Turtleneck Shirt debut. Wu Yifan 2 silver and dark coat, but the ride also shiny black velvet coat, based on a gentleman’s doing fashion man outfit solution, away from the magician’s sense of humor, but adds a cold like a prince. Xu Weizhou Xu Weizhou was another Etro gongbang star is 90 actor Xu Weizhou, this Etro 2016 winter men with velvet ribbon embroidery details symmetrical in skirts, shiny bright and dark and the same old sweater, low-key like court unworldly and indulge in a quality suggestive of poetry or painting of your son. As a 90 to have such ability is not easy. Xu Weizhou Zhang Yixing is following the little sheep Zhang Yixing, at a press conference he was wearing a striped shirt elder and a dark blue velvet suit, although the lower part of the body can not help but think of the successful entrepreneurs are young, but the upper part of the collocation, luxurious rock style show. Zhang Yixing does not have no harm to finish the two good performance, let’s talk about the string of the wrong field of the magician or wedding. Yang Yang Yang Yang -balmain2016FW, Yang Yang Yan height value "hardware" that is none, but recently wearing a Balmain blue velvet suit appearance, uniform style gold cuffs and collar embroidery, luxury, noble was quite dramatic texture, can be a little and five star hotel Butler (Zhuangshan, really embarrassing if you say too). Although Yang Yang is very handsome but still could not help but so Lenovo Li Chen finished Yan burst table values but Zhuangshan Hotel housekeeper Yang Yang, we see a familiar red carpet chair is coming, oh no! This is Li Chen is not "art life" in the tear of teacher Zhu Jun. Suddenly looked at Zhu Jun thought that the day of the teacher wearing a dark line of the swan of the state of the island of Li Chen相关的主题文章: