Man twelve years of buying and selling firearms accessories for –

Man twelve years of buying and selling firearms accessories for – Beijing new network in Fangchenggang in August 29 (Xinhua Li Minjun Li Zhensheng Wu Huanghui) 22 year old man from Guangdong in Guangxi city of Fangchenggang through the Internet advertising and firearms accessories, please help send firearms accessories, was eventually arrested. Fangchenggang City Intermediate People’s court, 29, informed that the man guilty of illegal trading, mail firearms was sentenced to imprisonment for twelve years in Guangxi. The court found that in March 2015, Chen met on the Internet a network called "BMW brother", after consultation, Chen to help brother BMW ad made firearms accessories and orders, a single transaction 30 yuan reward. Soon after, "BMW brother" will be issued by Chen Chen firearms accessories, sold directly to customers, customers through Alipay to pay money, each single goods 80 yuan profit chen. Later, Chen rent a house in the port area of Fangchenggang District, and Chen Sheng (dealt with) people live and storage of firearms accessories. Chen through the Internet information with the QQ gun parts, nicknamed "Buyer Contact M-Zone" number and the purchase of Airsoft accessories, customer orders transactions after shipment by courier to the buyer, the buyer to complete the transaction through the Alipay account. During the period, Chen Nanning city Hemou send gun parts was Hemou assembled into two air gun. After identification, the two gun was identified as "People’s Republic of China gun" guns. At the beginning of June 2015, Chen because of worry in the living area too long caused police attention, and the other two rented apartment for the storage of firearms accessories. At the beginning of the June "BMW brother" to Chen made a 300 sets of firearms accessories, Chen will be stored in these two parts of the apartment, and called the villagers Chen Hong help delivery. June 10, 2015, 11, Chen let Chen Mouhong from the above apartments will be good to fight the package of firearms parts were 24, 19 to express delivery. 11, 18 am, the police will be prepared to mail firearms parts Chen Hong seized, and then one of the apartments will be arrested Chen, and seized a number of firearms in the above two apartments. Another identified, Chen, born in October 1994, primary school culture, unemployed, household registration for the city of Guangdong, Zhanjiang. The trial court held that the defendant Chen for-profit, subjectively aware of gun parts, objectively through the Internet Illegal Buying and selling firearms accessories, mail firearms accessories, seized from Chen the main parts of non military firearms hammer 347, valve 346, resistance 343, iron 344, handle 79. 78, fender, non military firearms parts before plugging 357 fixed ring 684, adjusting the 342 and 346 fingers, trigger guard ring and 461 bags, and sold Hemou two sets of firearms accessories, their behavior has constituted the crime of illegal trade, mail guns, the court of First Instance sentenced to a twelve years in prison. Chen refused to accept the appeal, said it was only to help print Chen Mousheng Express single and advertising, play a secondary role. Fangchenggang intermediate people’s court held that the appellant Chen to seek illegal interests, in violation of the national gun.相关的主题文章: