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Textspeak flooded the network language and writing system can be implanted gene Internet Sohu – Culture Channel "Martian" foreign words full nonstandard network usage to mislead the essence of adolescent language network can not jump out of the law "Matt" network language is to young people as the main body of the inner vent, challenges and put forward the traditional language specification. Network is not without rules, to guide users to the spirit of the law and the language of the standard language used in the network language cafe, a network of female anchor is broadcast live in Fujian, Xiamen has just experienced a typhoon. On the computer, users interact with her words: "good? The stork?." According to the understanding of the context, the user wants to say is good like you". Only 4 words, there are 3 to regulate the use of. Legal Daily reporters found that the Internet, similar to the use of non-standard language is not uncommon, almost become a major feature of the network language". In view of this phenomenon, the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission recently issued the "national language" 13th Five-Year "career development plan" put forward clearly, "the construction of the press and publishing, radio and television, new media, public services, public language use condition monitoring system and the social language life guidance and service system. To strengthen the network language, neologism, letter words, foreign words such as monitoring research and standardization. Strengthen the standardization and management of Internet language". How to regulate the use of Internet language and text of the national language and law to be implanted in the Internet gene around these issues, the reporter interviewed the linguistics, legal experts. Network language is fragmented after 85 girls in Beijing Xu Xu like to sell Meng, baby this year is only 16 years old, knock cute good harm PIA, I’m fat to"…… She often uses this language in WeChat’s circle of friends. Xu Xu told reporters that this sell Meng way is the core of the law, with some children just learning to speak often appear pronunciation errors. "I was a small Gong, a small public lift with a small public father and the two children to play Disney park……" The reporters found that in the users send micro-blog, directly to the dialect pronunciation with Chinese characters or Pinyin write is not uncommon: "little princess" written "little public cite", "coffee" as "coffee" and "no" written "no sei"…… In addition to this sell Meng type errors, mixed with dialect, the network is common hot words also affected by foreign language and culture. "Boyfriend MAX" "memory kill" "high energy" "two" "the two dimension" ""…… This kind of common words in the network from Japanese comics and the translation of the game; "dog" and "search" quack "Hajima" "Mark" "Lolita" "CP" "cry smile"…… Another common expression in micro-blog WeChat platform is from English, Japanese, Korean pronunciation. In addition, the "silk?" "funny than the" single "straight dog" cancer "with irony or insulting words are often online)相关的主题文章: