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Arts-and-Entertainment What do musical legends like Mozart, Andre Previn, Stevie wonder and Julie Andrews have in .mon? There are bound to be a wide range of answers to this question. A great voice will be some suggestions. Some will say an uncanny ability to write music, but few people will mention their unique ability of perfect pitch. People that possess the ability of perfect pitch are able to recognize notes without having to listen to them. It is an invaluable ability to have. It is abilities such as these that have made musical legends famous. To understand it better, consider the intriguing case of the legendary .poser Ludwig Van Beethoven. As a .poser, Beethoven is widely considered to be a legend in music. The unique thing about this achievement is that he ac.plished this while deaf. His ability to identify with music notes, even when he was not reading from a guide, allowed him to .pose musical works that were so challenging, some of them could not be played be until 50 years after they had been written. So effective was his knowledge of music that he never once .posed an out of tune score. This is the beauty of perfect pitch. In many ways the ability of perfect pitch is a lot like learning a new language. As a result of this, musicians such as Stevie wonder are able to play perfectly without needing to read from guides. This even more obvious when you consider the important fact that the abilities of language and sound recognition are found in the same region identified as belonging to the perfect pitch ability. Being able to understand music and not merely listen to it is what has made the difference between ordinary musicians and true greats. At the age of 6, Mozart was already a .petent violinist playing in many of the courts of Europe. There is little doubt that it was this young exposure to music that honed his ability of perfect pitch. Before his death at 31, Mozart had already .pleted 41 symphonies. In the same vein, many of the popular musicians today were able to gain the ability of perfect pitch from the exposure to music which they experienced as a child. Today, most professional musicians aspire to achieve the ability of perfect pitch. Perfect pitch is not an ability that is passed through the genes. Instead it is one that they learn during their life. Just as Andre Previn was able to build his ability over the years, so also can people today improve theirs with the right perfect pitch training methods. It is certainly an end worth aspiring to. With ever lovely Julie Andrews at the helm, Sound of Music was released five decades ago. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: