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Maternal high living, dystocia, scientific basis from there? Sohu is a maternal Ronaldinho older pregnant women, more than 30 years old, only the first child, the family are prized, the home of Ronaldinho as key objects of protection. Specially hired a nanny at home care, Ronaldinho, also ease child support at home, what did see some parenting knowledge every day to pass the time delivery. On this day, in the hospital to check, Ronaldinho heavy-hearted asked: "little sister, a few days ago I read a report, the Japanese Public Health Association, the researchers recently found through investigation, living in the maternal abnormal delivery of high-rise residential relatively high proportion. I live on the 12 floor, is not to live high, dystocia probability." I took the Ronaldinho to pass information, writing above: Japanese researchers in 1000 women and register as a basis for the investigation and Analysis on the living status, maternal birth weight and whether the difficult situation, found living in high-rise residential cesarean section, labor etc. abnormal delivery of the relatively high proportion of total maternal 17.5%. And the higher the living, the greater the proportion of maternal dystocia. Living in the 1 ~ 2 for the floor, living in the building of the floor of the 3 ~ 25.2%, for more than the top of the building is 27% to 20% of the total number of people living in the city is more than 6. Even when the baby was born, there is a significant difference in weight, maternal living in 1 ~ 2 floor, the baby was born at a weight of less than the weight of 20.5%, accounting for more than 7 pounds of more than 19.7%. Maternal living in the 3 floor above, the baby birth weight of less than 7 pounds, accounting for more than 7 pounds of more than 21.9% accounted for more than 42.9%. When I finished, he said: "you see, it says, is not to live high, easy childbirth." I said: "in fact, pregnant women dystocia, is due to three reasons, the first is the production of force, that is, pregnant women need to do in the delivery of forced action. The second is the birth canal, is pregnant women in their own conditions, structure and tightness of the birth canal. The third is the fetus, fetal position is appropriate, weight is overweight, etc.. Which one of these problems, are likely to cause childbirth dystocia." "I think the data shows, although easy to live in high-rise pregnant childbirth, but shows a phenomenon that causes high pregnant women dystocia, but the real reason is that these women do not often, you think, live in a high-rise, downstairs is not convenient, pregnant women basically do not go out, the chance of less, the sun is also less sunshine. Due to lack of exercise, it is easy for women to appear in the process of labor productivity is insufficient, including uterine contraction weakness, the mouth of the uterus can not effectively open and fetal decline, so that the process of extension, of course, easy dystocia. Moreover, pregnant women if the lack of exercise, the belly of the fetus is too large, it will increase the risk of dystocia." Listen to me say, Ronaldinho had not lived "see light suddenly, caused by high dystocia, but not caused by the movement." Just as the most popular small China: Senior midwife, Beijing hospital delivery room senior midwife. Engaged in midwifery work for 20 years, safe delivery in more than 20 thousand cases. Welcome。相关的主题文章: