MDL fall knockout NewBee let a chase two beat

Fall MDL knockout: Newbee makes a chase two beat OG Beijing time in September 30th 10, MDL international tournament in the main event at the start, the opener is composed of NB against OG, NB is the only one in the group winner China team, the first round will deliver the goods, 2 to 1 victory over OG, the first to enter the the next round. (big daddy frown)   the first game both teams chose to fight team, start OG in cats under the leadership of has certain advantages, NB then come back. The two teams so you come to me, end neither in victory nor defeat. But the OG water solution fertilizer, the economy is always the first, and many leading NB. After water equipment shaping, OG began to open up the situation by water, NB even sent several waves of mission equipment gap is about open, then the two fall, the final NB wave of fog counterattack failed, can only play GG. Second OG rob black, with a set of positive propulsion system, with the NB team for red face. In the early NB shunt is against OG, OG and change the road, but still can’t change on the fate of collapse. NB got the early advantage, the equipment has been leading OG, while in the middle to find the opportunity to play back some disadvantages, but NB is still firmly in control of the situation in the field. After the six God installed with NB wave shield directly push flat OG, tied the game 1 to 1 level. The decider grab NB blackbird, OG wants to use firearms black bird, the results had no effect, let NB to head tail gun basically outcrop on the dead, the battle group also show how much output. NB medium have obvious advantages, OG no comeback, when killing NB, the advantage of bigger, then the shield is broken with high NB, two high, direct blocking group off spring OG, OG only GG! (power)相关的主题文章: