Mediterranean style living room decoration also gives you an ocean dream

Mediterranean living room style decoration also gives you an ocean dream? We know that blue is the main color of the mediterranean. But other than that, do you know anything about the Mediterranean style living room? In fact, the Mediterranean style of the living room is not only blue, as well as the beach like color oh. Do you want to know the characteristics of the Mediterranean style living room? Let Xiaobian for you to explain. ?? The Mediterranean style beauty, including if washed by water after the white wall, presented in the case, is a bright white Mediterranean wind, drawn from nature, a simple wooden table has strong flavor, placed above the starfish, release the taste of the sea. ?? Arch design frame, is a typical Mediterranean element, the soft cushion placed on the windowsill and cushion, let the two window area as the incarnation of the most comfortable corner. ?? The Mediterranean style beauty, also includes "the sea" and "heaven" bright colors, it is the most common sea of blue and white in the eyes of the people in the living room, interspersed with blue and white, white walls, blue rudder, sofa, desk, blue and white shelf dots drop depicts the sea like the clear beauty. By the impression of the Rome period, there are many arches in the interior of the building is a symbol of the Mediterranean style of architecture, the promenade of the arch, door frame, TV wall background wall, are used arch. In addition to blue and 100, yellow and red brown interwoven colors, is the traditional color, is to create a strong national colors. ?? Arch, yellow and red brown mixture can find again in the case of the layout of the living room is like a palace like atmosphere, spacious, neat, and symmetry is one of the principles of space design, can make the indoor space more elegant and delicate. ?? Is not only reflected in the arched door, in the case of specially made arc on the ceiling, let the arch elements more extreme, color the sea blue and white, blue and White Checkered upholstery group, with a little more pastoral flavor. Mediterranean style home decoration can also be magnificent to build, first from the injection of the classic Mediterranean elements: continuous arch blue and yellow earth alternative. Then is the choice of home, to create gorgeous effect, European furniture is very appropriate. ?? As long as the use of color can not be separated and well into the Mediterranean style, the last is light rendering, the living room uses a large number of chandeliers and lamps and lamp, make whole space brilliantly illuminated. ?? The Mediterranean Sea is warm, the sun, the sea is soft and gentle, fabric sofa, imitation sea touch. The TV cabinet blue mosaic inlaid mosaic, a gorgeous decoration a low-key, like all kinds of shellfish in the sea creatures with a smile, the wall of the boat, take you away from the shore, the water followed by microwave swing. Through the above small series of explanations, we have about the characteristics of the Mediterranean style living room, there is no stranger to such problems. As a result, the Mediterranean style living room can not only use wallpaper to dress up as a blue style, but also with white, yellow to modify. In addition to the use of arch design for the living room decoration oh.相关的主题文章: