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Meng Chong pet magic gather! "Magic" to "Harry Potter" animal fantasy trip – Sohu entertainment "magic animal" version of the cross   poster; Sohu entertainment news (1100 / text) in thousands of enthusiastic fans, by J.K. Rowling, the first screenwriter 3D large magic "magic animal where" the November 25th landing of the. The same day, IMAX viewing will be held in Beijing, the exclusive "Yue stunning debut episode" visual effects bring strong visual surprises for the media, the film starring "freckles" Eddie Reid meien superb acting and drama from those magic world "Adorable pet animal together through the screen, release the infinite magic charm. Adorable pet animal jump curtain blowing to "Harry Potter" magic magic in the world after a five year hiatus struck again, which makes each hidden in the "Muggle" world "magician" are ready to. Has taken the lead in the overseas market and quickly set off a storm on the box office "magical animal" open domestic painting after bursting reputation continues to ferment, the audience can not only see the magician cast a silver gushing out, more animal have been "out of" screen swooped into the audience front some sell adorable. The audience praised: "when the blue green Billy Zweig worm shuttle on the streets when you feel you have to fly to the face, people can not help but dodge and Thunderbird wings instinct; zhanchiyufei super realistic scene. It is reported that the "magical animal" where is mainly about the magic zoologist Newt scamandre left Hogwarts, in order to find and protect the magical animal into New York occurred in a thrilling adventure story. Adorable pet and magic to become the two largest element in the most dazzling, naughty cute animal without losing warmth, artifact magic seems to lead the audience into the "Harry Potter" 2 times. Fashion Critic Mr. Liang Ji said: "the scenes pretty people get enough. Remember that the whole youth has Harry’s company, the curse of the condensation of our memories of it?!" In the film, played by Oscar award and the Golden Globe Award for "double winner freckles" magician Newt Mander is the British ska fans about the topic. He put the shy biologist unclubbable interpretation of magic fans praised the "by all threads neatly tied up, Yan double acting value play", "small fry was cute freckles". Especially small freckles to erumpent back to his suitcase jumped a "courtship dance", the helpless and naive action was short distance projection on the big screen, can cause the bursts of laughter every act and every move. In addition, in the last century in New York in 20s to restore IMAX through detailed street transformation technology, coupled with the two party failed to show shock magic ultimate showdown, the audience completely forget the "chicken" status, immersed himself in and freckles embark on a thrilling twists and turns and magical journey full of wit and humour.   相关的主题文章: