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Mobius: China stock market irrational shares admission hunters when Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through level2 market mechanism cards Sina Financial News according to Bloomberg News reporter Kyoungwha Kim reported that when watching Mobius’s Hongkong listed shares Chinese covered all over with cuts and bruises, he saw the opportunity to bargain hunting. By the end of last week, the Hang Seng Chinese enterprises (H share) index has dropped 49% from its high in May last year, and its valuation dropped to record lows. Investors in the China economic slowdown fears and strong government intervention on the mainland financial market, the outflow of funds, is the cause of Chinese stock market. "Chinese market response has been irrational and concussion fierce, perhaps because of the intervention of the government led to intensified speculation," as Franklin Resources Inc. fund manager Mobius said. He has been investing in emerging markets for more than 40 years. "China’s fundamentals remain good."." On Monday, the yuan hit the biggest increase since 2005 to cancel the peg to the dollar after h with Asian stocks rebound, Longyuan Power and the Great Wall car led. The two stocks were the weakest component of the H-share index of the year to Friday, with a loss of more than 35%. Even after yesterday’s recovery, only one of the 40 constituent stocks rose this year. "The market has provided opportunities for bargain hunting, panic selling and concussion of listed companies hit exceeded the normal level," Mobius said, he declined to give a name. Mobius said, although buying more and more opportunities, but that the overall market will rebound too early. China’s exports fell for seventh consecutive months in January, and imports fell 19%, according to Monday’s data. Following the economic growth of 25 in 2015, the lowest growth rate of 6.9%, the government set this year’s growth target in the 6.5%-7% range. "A lot of negative factors have been reflected in the share price, but that the stock market has bottomed out is wrong, because the market is usually more than expected fall or rise even more," Mobius said. "We have to do now is to focus on stocks, and their response to the economic slowdown or even benefit from the downturn in ability." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

麦朴思:中国股市不理性 H股入场抄底时 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 据彭博社记者Kyoungwha Kim报道,当麦朴思看着遍体鳞伤的香港上市中国股票,他见到了抄底机会。   截至上周,恒生中国企业(H股)指数已从去年5月份的高点回落49%,估值跌到纪录低点。投资者对中国经济减速的担忧以及政府对内地金融市场的强力干预,促使资金外流,是造成中资股票大跌的原因。   “中国市场的反应一直不理性并且震荡激烈,也许是因为政府的干预行为导致投机加剧,” 身为Franklin Resources Inc.基金经理的麦朴思说。   他投资新兴市场已40多年。“中国的基本面依然向好。” 周一,在人民币创下2005年取消盯住美元以来的最大升幅后,H股随同亚洲股票反弹,龙源电力和长城汽车领涨。这两只股票是今年截至上周五H股指数中表现最弱的成份股,跌幅超过35%。即便昨天回升,40只成份股中也仅有一只今年实现上涨。   “市场已经提供了逢低吸纳的机会,恐慌性抛售和震荡走势对上市公司的打击超过正常水平,”麦朴思说,他谢绝给出个股名称。   麦朴思说,尽管买进股票的机会越来越多,但认为整体市场将反弹则为时过早。   周一数据显示,中国1月份出口连续第7个月下滑,进口下挫19%。继2015年经济创下25年来最低增速6.9%后,政府设定今年的增长目标在6.5%-7%区间。   “许多负面因素已反映在股价中,但认为股市已经见底却是错误的,因为市场通常会比预期跌得或涨得更多,”麦朴思说.“ 我们现在要做的是关注个股,以及它们应对经济减速甚至从本轮低迷中受益的能力。”    进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: