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"Monkey King" make Zhengzhou a fast one near the bite – Beijing in the morning, a casual visitor to Zhengzhou City Commercial Road, as a "Youth" and "Monkey King", the "Monkey King" I do not know where they come from, not afraid of oncoming traffic, cpmta road Xiantingxinbu, force the vehicle around to avoid trying to attack behind the trailing care patrol team, but was eventually came to the wild animal rescue personnel uniforms away. Yesterday, I did not find that early in the morning, a sanitation workers are sweeping the floor, it suddenly fell down from the tree, the sanitation workers jumped." Yesterday morning at 8 am, all the way in the street paved street intersection, in the vicinity of the residence of Mr. Lu introduced to reporters, Mr. Wang said: ten. The monkey hair brown, vigorous physique, green belts are hiding in the roadside bushes, four Phoenix Palace Office of the scouts in the side of nursing. A guard team from time to time to grab a few seeds from his pocket, handed it to the body before, the monkey is not afraid of life, put his hand into the mouth. After several such reciprocating, while the team again reached the monkey, suddenly with two claws in player’s arm, will jump up, a bite on the player’s arm, but fortunately not injured players to withdraw. One player said, 8 pm, they were on patrol, found the roadside green belt hidden in a monkey, who is not afraid, do not run, who have no chains, rope like, they suspect is shuahou people domesticated, may be escaped, some of the players looking around for a while, did not find the owner of the monkey, is on the side to take care of it, to avoid wounding. Reporters then call the Zhengzhou Forestry Bureau wildlife aid station for help. In the process of waiting, this "Monkey King" attracted many onlookers, some people come up with mobile phone close to the camera, "Monkey King" suddenly jump out, scared of taking pictures of people even step backward. One group more, "Monkey King" sit still, to have the fast lane on the road, passing vehicles have rushed to escape (pictured), several of the scouts behind, remind the vehicle, but with tight, "Monkey King" was also turned and tried to bite guard firefighters. Morning 10 am, Zhengzhou City Forestry Bureau of wild animal rescue station Dong Zhaowei arrived, and several colleagues holding net, before and after the match, slowly approached, quick attack, a network will be firmly Douzhu Monkey King ", then transfer it to the cage. Dong Zhaowei told reporters after observation, this is a monkey, male, aged about four or five years old, in the "monkey" is young, look relatively healthy, preliminary judgment should be kept, with people close to the behavior, but also has a certain attack. Dong Zhaowei said that the monkey belongs to the two national animal protection, they will put the monkey back to the aid station, probably were observed after one month, it will be released. Lu royalties provide clues 100 News Hotline 96211相关的主题文章: