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The teacher spent most of his life lived 18 meters dormitory donated about 400000 school Heritage (Figure) – Yiwu City, Beijing, the old high school building was built in the last century, in 70s, of which 18 square meters room, is the retired female teachers Cheng Chongyu spent the entire 34 year dormitory. 3 years ago, the old man died, but the room was kept as it was. The old man had a wish, her life to live frugally saved up savings of about 400000 yuan donated to the school scholarships. This period of time, have been removed from their posts, the original school union president Wen Hu and Yiwu fifth floor (formerly Su school) colleague has been back and forth to the Education Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, the notary office and other departments, wishes to complete for the elderly. The two time she was willing to give up affordable housing and living alone student dormitory, Cheng Chongyu, was born in 1934 in Songjiang District City, Shanghai Fengjing town of an ordinary family. 1956 graduated from Zhejiang normal college, was assigned to teach in Yiwu. In 1984, the Soviet Union high school after retirement, she is still in school for home until June 20, 2013, died of illness. The old man never married, walked into her room, furnished with a bed, a desk, a chair, an old suitcase, a West Lake sewing machine, the window hung a erhu, calligraphy on the wall. In this no toilet, no running water in the 18 square meters dormitory, Cheng Chongyu spent most of his life. "She lives in the school dormitory. She can’t afford to buy a house." Lou Wen clearly remember that the process of abandoning the sought after housing. One day in 2003, Cheng Chongyu was consistent with the affordable housing policy, the new house can buy a city by cost price. At that time the cost price of less than 200 thousand yuan, a hand can earn hundreds of thousands. School union chairman came to explain the policy, the results have not yet finished Cheng Chongyu interrupted. "What am I doing in such a nice house? Or give this place to the people in need." She said she was used to school life, like living in school. Later, the town has a chance to purchase, she gave up again. She gave the students the rules I can see, no gifts in the colleague impression, Cheng Chongyu rarely buy clothes, the old sewing machine repair a lifetime of clothes for her. In her belongings, have a intact medical card. I have a headache and slight fever, she never go to hospital, buy the cheapest drug to the school Clinic, will deal with the past. "Her own frugal life, but generous to those who need help." Lou Wenhu said that in 1998, the flood disaster, she has retired 1000 yuan donation, the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, she donated $5000. 28 years of teaching career, the process can be described as Chongyu students everywhere, Fengnianguojie students often come to visit. Each student carrying fruit and nutrition to see her, she refused, "the teacher can, but can not send things, in addition to the book." She does not accept other people’s ceremony, but others help her, but she was "foul"". One day in 2008, Cheng Chongyujuan相关的主题文章: