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Moutai "double 11" for the insured to tear with a number of liquor business electricity supplier document boundaries – reporter Jin Xiaoyan reported in Beijing over the past few years, into the depth of the adjustment period in the liquor industry, because the channel inventory is large, high-end liquor dealers dumped goods in serious condition, including brewmaster network and 1919, a series of business sales, then from Moutai and other wine enterprises "encirclement". Electricity supplier relationship with the winery became tense. Today, the high-end liquor obvious signs of recovery, the line of famous enterprises to control the amount insured measures have obvious effect. Coupled with the momentum of rapid development of mobile Internet, the traditional enterprise OCS become inevitable. During the double eleven, liquor industry, game between manufacturers has been the highlight of the festival. This year, the attitude of the electricity supplier of electricity from Moutai’s point of view, seems to have undergone subtle changes. Recently, Moutai issued a document that includes the brewmaster network, 1919 network and network I bought no business relationship. The industry’s surprise, already breaking relations with manufacturers how suddenly brakes are another reason behind? Two days before the brakes before eleven, Moutai liquor (Guizhou Renhuai) Marketing Limited issued "on the" ten "during the reminder" file that Moutai wine and brewmaster network "and" wine "and" wine net purchase "," I bought net "," 1919 nets "and other electronic business platform no business relationship. Ignite another part of the war with the electricity supplier. In addition, the notice said, dealers are required to comply with the distribution contract, manage their own sales channels, not breach of contract procurement, supply. In violation of the provisions of the contract, the company will retain the right to pursue the responsibility of breach of contract. It is understood that this is not the first time Moutai eleven double into the brand protection action. 2015 double eleven period, Moutai is offering a "price" to "repurchase" strokes, commodity departments and dealers actively repurchase price, or even to repurchase reward. Because it has been the price of wine and electricity supplier relationship sensitive zone". The wine business at the promotion war once angered wineries, when Mao five swords Lang Fen had issued "Baotuan" encirclement and suppression of unauthorized business, Moutai is a complaint to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. But with the electricity supplier change development strategy first, and no wine factory opposite relationship winery and electricity supplier from the earliest "incompatible", now increasingly into a harmonious period. But why did Moutai appear above the issue? In this regard, the brewmaster network responsible person said in an interview with the "China Times" reporter, the company’s products are purchased from Moutai dealers at Moutai, in addition to the goods the same fidelity, they are more plentiful, faster response, the consumers may even purchase directly from the winery better than. In addition, the brewmaster network said that Moutai does not intend to take flying drainage tools this year, these products just as the benchmark products, the company mainly want to double to eleven people, so the event has little effect. At the same time, pointed out that Moutai file another protagonist 1919 CEO Jiang Yangling are publicly, "this year eleven, not 1919.相关的主题文章: