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As of September TV mutual entertainment game report: Children’s casual games popular game — original title: LETV September TV mutual entertainment game report: Children’s leisure game popular music entertainment released a September 2016 music video game center game downloads, start, pay amount, orders and other data. Data show that at this stage slightly more popular casual games, children’s games are young and strong IP users; pay, game users gradually gained recognition and support, chess and fishing game props orders continued strong bully list. The following is in September, as the super TV music as a platform, the list of large screen game list and analysis. September download list TOP10: mild casual games favored this month download list, "super" flash "cat and mouse" speed "passion" in the list of the top three. The top ten games last month with little access to "zombies", "happy cool running" "the king of fighters 97" classic old games continue to maintain strong competitiveness, and in September the new line of several new regret not on the list. Are lack of momentum, to a certain extent reflects the original non IP game in the early to attract attention at a disadvantage, need time to accumulate. Download from the situation as a whole, casual video game users prefer mild game experience, user training, black Marines severe game ranking has a certain increase, but in the long term, is still a lack of effective training mechanism. September: children list TOP10 strong IP game by young users like the start list, "Le landlords" back to the top of the game after two years of operation, has a huge user base, even if the download failed to enter the top ten list, can still win strong. The "music landlords" download on the other hand, the weak reflects the chess game new users less, but the old user long feeling. In addition to the "landlords music", start the top ten half game downloads are not prominent, these games are on the line a long time old game, with its own unique charm and ways to cultivate a group of loyal users, but also reflects the long life of video games. In the list, children’s strong IP game more young game users, including "super pan", "cat and mouse", "pig man", "Altman", a variety of children’s IP games got great attention and download. The amount paid list TOP10: somatosensory games gradually get user support fee, "black corps" "Hui" and other music as sports fans strong interactive game accessories eye-catching performance, gun and somatosensory somatosensory camera mode of operation has gradually obtained the user’s approval, to develop more depth users are willing to pay for the game to pay. In addition, the "three heroes of the world" reached the "three God biography" "War Within Three Kingdoms legend" the game is still a large income, and the type of game, the three game is a strategy card game, on the other hand is the manufacturer launched many recharge rebate activities, mobilize the enthusiasm of the game player to pay. It is worth mentioning that, although the amount of heavy game downloads and startup相关的主题文章: