Nanjing, a man stole the wedding shop information to reveal the whereabouts of the note-若槻ゆうか

A Nanjing man stole the wedding dress shop note information exposed the whereabouts of a man at a wedding dress shop in Dachang into high-end photographic equipment, crazy to steal the value of several million yuan, after committing the crime but also smashed the equipment and computer monitor store. The robber was unexpectedly that no danger of anything going wrong, will write their own identity information note left in the scene, revealing their whereabouts. Recently, the Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park police cracked a case of such wonderful burglaries, dozens of hours and arrested the suspect Wei, and successfully recover the stolen property. Note that the information out during the Mid Autumn Festival, September 15th at 8 pm, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park Branch mountain river police station duty room received the alarm call, stolen a bridal shop photography base, heavy losses. After the alarm, the police investigation found that the wedding photography base shop glass door was smashed with stones, store a plurality of monitoring probe and the computer was smashed, a number of high-end photographic equipment, and placed in the store were stolen, losses more than 5 yuan. Careful police found a mess in the mess of a rotten note, the note is written on a name called wei. Police immediately traced the name of the note, found that the guardian had been sentenced to 8 months for theft, just released from prison for ten days, there are suspected of committing a crime. Video surveillance in the way the police locked the suspect the scene at the same time, another way on the scene and the nearby monitoring probe launched tracing the police came the good news, although the suspect will store the camera and computer smashed, but the main components have not been smashed, the suspect after the crime is still preserved intact. The video is clearly the suspect figure, after comparison, confirmed that the suspect Wei wei. To determine the identity of the suspect, the police immediately launched investigation, found a hotel is a satellite manufacturers occupancy. Mountain river police station and thorough deployment, decisive attack, on the evening of September 17th will be in a dream of a successful health arrest, this time from the incident just before the last dozens of hours. Thousands of dollars of equipment to be sent to the prison guards Wei Henan, who had two times in prison for theft. Ten days ago, was released from prison after the Wei relatives in Nanjing, the economy is very embarrassed, he found understanding in prison before friends. The prison friend immediately lent a 1000 Yuan Wei, soon be squandered a guardian. On the morning of September 15th, Wei wandering aimlessly on the street, found that the door of a wedding shop photography base is made of glass, suddenly moved up the crooked mind. Wei found a stone the wedding dress shop in the house for a glass door smashed, crazy theft. Ready to leave, suddenly found the store surveillance equipment, so they will store the monitoring probe and computer all smashed. After the theft, I do not know how to handle these photographic equipment, Wei think of repay the inmates "kindness", so will the million worth of photographic equipment to the price of 2000 yuan mortgage to the inmates. Informed of this situation, the police quickly recovered stolen goods. The interrogation, Wei also confessed the early morning of September 15th, at the door of a supermarket smashed a BMW car windshield, attempted stealing car case goods. Currently, Wei Mou was detained by police, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: