Nanjing reward courageous to help solve the housing difficulties ca4111

Nanjing: reward courageous to help solve the housing difficulties China Jiangsu network how to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of courageous people, and how to reward, Nanjing will be clearly defined in legislation. Reporters today from the provincial twelve session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the Standing Committee was informed that the "Nanjing courageous staff incentives and protection regulations" has been the fifteenth Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-seventh meeting, and submitted to the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee review, the "Regulations" after the examination, will be implemented on January 1, 2017. The "Regulations", confirm the courageous staff incentives, special care and protection and other matters for specific provisions, with strong pertinence and operability. The "Regulations" were refined in "Jiangsu Province Based on rewarding and protecting". Courageous Provisions refers to the citizens in the statutory duties or legal obligations, in order to protect the interests of the state, the collective interests or the personal and property safety of others, to fight against criminal activities or the implementation of emergency rescue, disaster relief, rescue behavior. Including the following circumstances: one is to fight to endanger national security, public safety or impairing the administration of social order and other criminal acts; two is to fight against the state and collective property or personal and property safety of others and other criminal acts; three is to assist in the hunt for suspects or provide important clues for detection major criminal cases; four is the emergency relief rescue; five other heroic deeds of outstanding. To strengthen the protection and treatment of courageous people is an important content of the "regulations". "Regulations" in combination with the actual situation, respectively, on the protection of the VFF treatment and medical treatment of work-related injuries, and pension benefits, employment counseling, education, housing and other preferential treatment, to further increase the protection and treatment efforts. For example, the "Regulations" provisions of article thirty-first, housing security and housing administrative departments shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions to help meet the conditions of the VFF family to solve the housing problem. Conform to the common property of housing and public rental housing security conditions of the courageous people, priority into the housing security system, priority with rent, placing affordable housing and enjoy preferential policies. Courageous families to meet the conditions for the transformation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, should give priority to. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Binbin相关的主题文章: