National Day with the wine of the United States and the United States online CEO Li Juntao for your sopor aeternus

The National Day is equipped with the wine Gome online CEO Li Juntao for your DEDECATES – Sohu and Chinese recommended wine culture broad and profound, every family holidays, not to drink a few cups, the upcoming National Day naturally not less with wine. Since ancient times, wine is the literati poets, ordinary people "good partners", the ancients said, "a toast to invite the moon, on the film into three". Sufficient to prove that wine in the history of China’s high status in life. On the eve of national day, Gome online GOME cellar official flagship store launched the "national wine price to visit" activities, the United States online CEO Li Juntao personally seek cheap drinking wine handed down for the user’s welfare. Gome online self GOME cellar wine all by origin direct mining, quality assurance. Morning afternoon wine orders, from mentioning the originality, to help you create a quality of life. Gome online CEO Li Juntao portrait recommended the world’s chief winemaker in 50 years the "national wine price masterpiece to visit" activities, the United States online CEO Li Juntao personally recommend portrait, meanders for users to recommend wines: time flies, how many former rivals, business partners have become an important component of life, their common is the name of a friend. 35 friends together, there will always be a fun, is not the same interest to gradually from the liquor and the Great Wall 92 transfer these more rich and colorful imported Wine. Smith Lafite deck red Wine, flying by the world chief winemaker Michel · 50 years experience with Roland brewed into the wine, a bottle with aroma conquered li. In the 7.5 century Smith Rafi across to the brilliant achievements. 72 hectares of land, 56 hectares of vineyards, the average age of 38 years, Smith with respect to Rafi terroir to create a historic legend. "The national wine price." during the activity, the user can only spend 498 yuan and Li together tasting the wine handed down. In order to meet the different needs of various user groups, Lee also recommended a variety of wines, wine prices low. During the event, from large tracts of lavender romantic Provence butterfly orchid Castle red Wine 2013 Cochran (Châ teau D "Esclans" S, Clans "Rouge, Provence) is only 299 yuan, butterfly orchid Castle red goddess (Châ teau 2012 Wine D" Esclans "Deesse" Rouge, Provence) is only 388 yuan, from Bordo May Docker San Aars Tai J (St.Estephe) of the 2011 Wine Duomeini Chateau red (Châ teau Domeyne) for only 365 yuan, from the history can be traced back to the period of Rome Maple manor Red Fort Wine 2013 (Châ teau De Fonbel) for only 380 yuan, from the French state designated 2013 year red song Aisakema manor winery Wine (Châ teau D!相关的主题文章: