National Tourism Administration announced the cancellation of 10 4A level scenic qualification ca1290

National Tourism Administration announced the cancellation of 10 4A class scenic qualification A-level scenic implementation of a dynamic management and there are new moves. Recently, in accordance with the work of the National Tourism Administration, 10 unqualified 4A scenic spot was canceled qualification. At the same time, after the review qualified, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, China and Russia border tourism area, 9 scenic spots approved by the national 5A class tourist attractions. In order to strengthen the management of scenic spots, enhanced supervision, safeguard the interests of tourists, in September this year, the National Tourism Administration issued a notice calling for a comprehensive inspection of the scenic spots, to make a serious deal with the problems of scenic spots. Recently, several provinces of the tourist attractions are concentrated rectification, including the elimination of 10 unqualified 4A level scenic spots: Jilin city of Jilin province qualification, Suzaku Mountain National Forest Park, Jiutai bishuipengwan resort, two Longhu scenic area, Siping City, Changbai Mountain wild ecological landscape area, Xuyi County, Huaian province Xuzhou Peixian Seoul Jiangsu Japanese mountain scenic area Lianyungang County, Ganyu scenic area, Ming Zuling scenic area, Hangzhou city of Zhejiang province Ling’an bridge town area, fengle Changfeng County of Hefei City, Anhui Province ecological garden area, Bengbu city Bengbu sluice Water Conservancy Scenic area. These scenic problems mainly include: security management is not in place, the toilet revolution behind, market disorder, poor sanitation, tourism infrastructure and service facilities, a serious shortage of identification guide system shortage of resources, inadequate protection measures etc.. At the same time, some of the other areas around the failure to give a serious warning, warning and handling of criticism. The dynamic management mechanism of scenic spots has promoted the improvement of the service and the quality of the scenic spots, which has been praised by the majority of tourists. National Tourism Administration on the request to take the lead to carry out scenic remediation action, achieved remarkable results in Hebei, Jilin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui and other 5 provinces praised. For early December has not yet taken corrective action in the provinces, the National Tourism Administration clear, will recover its 4A level scenic assessment management authority, and to stop accepting its 5A level scenic declaration. The announcement of the 9 National 5A level scenic spots: Border Tourism District in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Manchuria city and Anhui city of Lu’an province Wanfo Lake scenic spot in Henan Province, Anyang city canal, Taihang Grand Canyon Tourism Scenic Spot in Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, Hainan Province, Sun Zhongshan’s hometown tourist area, Sanya City, Shaanxi Province, Wuzhizhou Island tourist area in Baoji city of Taibai Mountain tourism scenic spot in Sichuan Province, Nanchong city of Zhu De’s hometown of Yilong scenic area, Xinjiang autonomous region Yili kalajun area and the Xinjiang autonomous region Bayan and Ybas Brooke scenic area. Up to now, the national 5A level scenic spots have reached 227. National Tourism Administration said, 4A, 5A class scenic spot is recognized by the community tourism brand, but also an important support for the development of the tourism industry. National Tourism Administration will adhere to the strict dynamic management mechanism, has announced the results of rectification around the scenic. Editor: Fan Yingwu相关的主题文章: