Neighbor of his own dog bite a chicken woman was claims 600 yuan-wharfedale

A neighbor of his dog bite a woman was a claim 600 yuan recently, the public Miss Sun’s dog bites the neighbor’s peace of mind, the neighbor made a claim of $600. Miss sun look stupid: a hen was so valuable? A dog bites the hen hen master dispute bite Samoye dog Mimi just 8 months, in the young adult dogs dogs to the transition period, although the gentle temperament, but lively and full of go. The same day, Miss Sun’s mother Ms. Zhang took the dog to go out, 200 meters away from home, Mimi suddenly heard grass???? The voice, suddenly rushed to the grass, because of the great power of dog dash, Ms. Zhang did not hold. "A lot of movement at once, when I was the general turmoil, control the dog has a feather, the chicken looks dying, I quickly call the next person to help me take the chicken out." Ms. Zhang said, when there are five or six onlookers, but no one came forward to help her move the chicken. In desperation, Ms. Zhang grabbed the chicken into the nearby house walls. "This is’ peace of mind ‘, you have to pay." One of the onlookers told Ms. zhang. Feeding comfortable chicken "is the local custom, intended to seek luck. Two families had her family to be sent to the hen, hope daughter can peacefully live in his house, and the hen meaning early Takako, many sons in the family egg. Ms. Zhang heard immediately expressed willingness to compensate 200 yuan, if not enough to pay $300. Master Wang has chicken home, see a mess. 300 unlucky to lose on the $600!" Ms. Wang said. Arrived at Miss Sun received the mother’s phone, listen to the other claims 600 yuan meng. She replied: "we are wrong earlier, but 600 yuan is not a little too much?" The two sides had another dispute. This is my home ‘peace of mind’, do not say 300, 600, how much I do not lose comfort!" Ms. Wang said. Deadlocked for more than half an hour, the chicken was bitten by the examination in addition to hair loss is not serious, and ultimately Ms. Wang asked to compensate for a good quality of the hen, Miss Sun said to accept. The price is reasonable views are different from each other in Van city farmers market reporter asked, under normal circumstances, a backyard ecological chicken prices in 30 to 50 yuan a pound, the price is not more than 150 yuan, in general do not sell. Then, the market price of only a few hundred dollars of the old hen, dubbed "peace of mind," the number one, whether you can claim several times more than the market price of compensation? Reporter consulted the legal profession liu. Mr. Liu said, first of all, according to the relevant provisions of China’s "tort liability law" in article Seventy-eighth, when domesticated animal causes damage to others, the infringee has not prove the damage caused by the intentional or gross negligence, shall be made by the animal keeper or manager shall bear tort liability. For "safe chicken" whether claims exceed the market price several times the compensation, the academic circles of civil law there are two different views, a view of "safe chicken" as their emotional sustenance, in addition to price attributes, but also has a certain.相关的主题文章: