Net about car prices are xiemoshalv quietly-sichen

Net about car prices are "xiemoshalv quietly" Guangming commentator reported on the media before the city’s car deal has not been implemented, but the network about the car market is anchaoyongdong, recently a number of network about the car platform quietly canceled orders of preferential subsidies, passengers also shrunk dramatically, the cost of the car is the most sensitive user "boat", the reporter found that the same distance at this stage car prices to 10% increased by 5% than before August. Many platforms, said the price is due to tight supply and demand. Net about car prices, has recently been focused. Not long ago, the media have reported that in September 5th 20% of the price drops. Along with the network about car subsidies, incentives, rising prices and a series of frequent action, sometimes called the net about car price is far less than the taxi, not to say during the peak period of premium is normal time, net about car prices compared to the traditional standard taxi had few advantages. Many people believe that this is the best step after the merger of the merger, the impact of the monopoly, and summed up its evolution path: the first money, then monopoly, after harvesting". Some people said, "net about car prices to past supporters of a slap in the face" and "old" cute rabbit ", with sharp fangs, the driver and passengers two vampire". Although many users on the net about car prices not to be seen, after all, fleece, wool is pulling more means itself pulled more pain, can see something reasonable to "listen to" and not "listen to", but not much one-way consideration. In the network about the car just declared legitimate, two platform with the near point, network about cars rush prices, whether it is reasonable or not, people see in the accident, will have to see whether it is consistent with the laws of the market, can withstand the compliance considerations. For frequent price hikes, platform hand under the rhetoric is more, the price is to share the cost, is the development of industry in order to better and more healthy; the previous low operation is actually in the burn, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. These statements are really not unreasonable: you have to see, in the Internet industry, competitors in order to seize the market share of large subsidies war, and other competitors fell to think of ways to make a profit, which is the norm. O2O model, are basically taking massive subsidies for the rapid flow of market users play. Intelligent travel market is no exception: in a few big net about car platform development at the beginning of the "enclosure", land grab stage, relying on the burn to showmanship, it is difficult to avoid, it does give users and drivers to good, but this is built on the basis of vicious competition, both sides have "doesn’t hurt" light yuho Chinese China was traced in the loss of more than $2 billion. Drops excellent step merger, but also to avoid the need for subsidies war interoperability. In other words, the network about car prices in fact is inevitable, it can not have been subsidized, and who does not require its price must be lower than the taxi. Because the public can not take advantage of the habit is accounted for, either less or not after cheap. To be honest, this is in fact a lot of people know, but many people still "hard", this is not only because the net about car prices like "xiemoshalv" — people for its legalization and call it a drum, legalization began to rise, it sounds absurd; it is derived from the net about car prices rise always is "low",.相关的主题文章: