Network police and hackers to help fight the network world YY female anchor to recover 80 thousand

The police and the hacker network world fight for YY female anchor recovered 80 thousand blue diamond 40 year old forest in Wenzhou before flying to Yueqing City Public Security Bureau internet police brigade worked for nearly 10 years, from an ordinary computer professional graduates, has become a people’s police against cyber crime. Violations of personal information, online gambling, Internet theft…… Lin Fei sat in front of the computer, through the mouse and keyboard, traces of traces of crime in the online world, cracked a number of cases involving network. Speaking of occupation experience, Lin Fei said, different from other kinds of police, police and criminals to fight technology, fight brain. – Evening News reporter Zhou Beibei Wen "against" the master computer and constantly update their knowledge to seize the loopholes contact Lin Fei before and after the first impression is that he is not good at expressing, but logical thinking, talking about the work is clear. Now the public is very concerned about the disclosure of personal information, we also pay attention to the same time, in June of this year, we cracked a case like this." Lin Feiqian said. In May this year, a Yueqing citizen said the case, found a website on the Internet, as long as pay to become a member, you can find some other account passwords, open room etc. on the site privacy information. Lin Feiqian told reporters that there had been leaked on the Internet a similar message, the site should be downloaded by the founder of the information on their own website. So, whether the act constitutes a crime, how sentencing conviction? Lin Fei for the first time for such a case, he inquired about the case, but also to communicate with the procuratorate, and ultimately determine the behavior of the website of the founder of the crime of infringement of citizen information. By means of investigation, Lin Fei quickly verified the website crime fact, lock the site opened. It is understood that the site is a start-up company in Beijing, an engineer, a total profit of 190 thousand yuan through the site. "Cybercriminals are master computer, often use some new network technology so as to evade the law, the police network, we must constantly update their knowledge base, computer, in order to catch criminals loopholes." Lin Feiqian said. The transfer of data tracking for YY female anchor recover blue diamond forest before flying in Yueqing police brigade for the longest time, colleagues for a wave of another wave. See, he is very love their work, "hidden" in the network world, and criminal conspiracy. Dry network police this line, Lin Fei every day to be immersed in the computer, such as the recent popular live. In October this year, he just helped a YY female anchor to recover 80 thousand blue diamond. In the YY platform, blue diamond is the platform to anchor wages, and the yuan is one to one, equivalent to 80 thousand yuan of the female anchor stolen." Lin Fei explained before. This is the case, the female anchor received a message sent to the account, the other claiming to be the boss on the platform, to raise the level of female anchors. The other side to the female anchor remote send a download software, which contains a stealth virus. Female anchor Click to download, to facilitate access to the female anchor account and password. Subsequently, the female anchor computer crash. At this point, the female anchor aware of the situation is not good, log in through the phone, found that the account of the blue diamond all gone, they report to the police. Lin Feiqian after the alarm, through the YY company background, transfer.相关的主题文章: