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The frequency conversion speed up after a huge earthquake is expected to gradually highlight the new hot – Sohu securities today the two cities opened lower after the rapid decline in amplitude, began a wave of recovery in 9:37, 10:37 down again and hit intraday low, before the midday close at the afternoon stock index rebounded slightly; slow rebound, the gem leading board; hot surface: time shares, glyphosate, vitamins, steel, brokerage, media and entertainment, environmental protection sector performance is good; overall: today the market adjusted prices showed obvious. For the recent market, AVIC securities Fan Bo continue to emphasize in the post Shanghai refers to the realistic pressure near the line, the deeper the hot plate is scattered and disorderly, and continued to fall to the pre mainstream plate leading Hengda Three Musketeers, the real estate sector in August 17th the highest point when we specialize in writing "mainstream plate differentiation what first revealed signal", pointed out that the risk of the real estate sector, the sector continued to decline confirms our anticipation. Although investors have attributed the fall in the market today to the reasons for the gradual withdrawal of universal insurance, we believe that this is only the fuse, not the core reason, and hope that investors can deeply understand the logic. In yesterday’s "hot market in urgent need of new energy" post Fan Bo spoke of two segments: AR and new shares; the first global virtual reality and augmented reality Chinese summit will be held in Shanghai on September 2016 7-8, for this section we believe that the short-term effect is obvious, because the A stock speculation is the basic logic of the plate before the meeting active probability is high, after is expected to gradually fade; while the second new plate is our continued emphasis on a plate tracking, since May and June IPO performance is very active in the recent two months, gaosongzhuan plate strong thunder, prompting new shares in a section of the overall trend adjustment, and with high transfer gradually to run, hot speculation conversion will come, we must keep track of new shares, is the focus on the potential of goods Seed mining, reserve for the next stage. Summed up in a word: today’s decline in the market on the surface is universal insurance gradual withdrawal caused by, and the core is the change in the market structure, from the disk perspective, the release of short-term risk also indicates that the frequency of hot spots to accelerate, the new hot spot is expected to emerge after the shock. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!   转换频率加快 巨震后新热点有望逐步凸显-搜狐证券  今日两市中幅低开后快速走低,9:37时开始出现一波回升,10:37时再度下行并创日内新低,午盘前小幅回升收报;午后股指缓慢回升,创业板领先主板;盘面热点:次新股、草甘膦、维生素、特钢、券商、传媒娱乐、环保等板块表现良好;总体来说:今日市场呈现明显的调整行情。   对于近期市场的状态,中航证券樊波在博文中持续强调沪指年线附近存在的现实压力,而更深层次的是热点板块的散乱和无序,以及归前期主流龙头板块恒大三剑客的持续回落,8月17日房地产板块最高点时我们专门撰写博文《主流板块分化透露什么信号》,第一次指出房地产板块的风险所在,之后该板块持续的回落印证了我们预判。虽然投资者将今日市场出现的下跌归结为万能险逐步退出的原因,但我们认为这只是导火索,并不是核心原因,希望投资者能深刻理解其中的逻辑。   在昨日《市场急需新的热点补充能量》的博文中樊波谈到两个板块:AR和次新股;由于首届全球虚拟现实与增强现实中国峰会将于2016年9月7-8日在上海举行,对于这个板块我们认为短期效应明显,由于A股炒预期的基本逻辑,该板块在会议前活跃的概率高,之后预计将逐步淡化;而次新股板块是我们持续强调重点跟踪的一个板块,由于五六月份次新股表现非常活跃,而近两个月高送转板块风头强劲,促使次新股板块整体处于一种调整的态势中,而随着高送转逐步的向上运行,热点炒作转换也将来临,此时的重点是我们务必对次新股保持持续的跟踪,做好潜力品种的挖掘,为下一个阶段做储备。   总结一句话:今日市场的下跌表面上是万能险逐步退出所引发,而核心是市场结构的变化导致,从盘面来看短期风险的释放也预示着热点转换频率的加快,新热点有望在震荡后涌现。   每日最新股市操作指南和涨停板预测都会在我的微信公众号:证眼看盘里公布,扫描下方二维码(或搜索微信公众号:agu819 ),你会得到不一样的惊喜!  相关的主题文章: