Ningbo, a woman said her boyfriend police alarm son rushed to the police found his son was a dog-ajviewer

A woman in Ningbo police said police rushed to find her boyfriend cut son son is a dog "man for his money! Kill you! Come as soon as possible! Come as soon as possible!" At noon yesterday, pan fire police suddenly received such an alarm call, the woman hurried tone, vague between newspaper home address hang up the phone. Police officers on duty police think things urgent, quickly drove to the other side to provide the incident. But the truth is dumbfounding. Male and female friends quarrel, pet dog protects the hostess bite the man the pan fire street gelanqingtian an apartment building, police officers rushed to the side of burning with impatience, and found a man from one room to walk out, behind the door banged shut. The police officer asked the man, who just reported to the police? The man said angrily to the door behind him." Man’s right hand clutching his left wrist, a finger on his left hand bite marks, has been suffused with blood. It seems that the man and the police woman, so the edge of the police officer to leave the other side do not leave, he was knocking on the door. The door opened, a more than and 30 year old woman standing in the doorway, the expression is very calm, he looks intact. Edge police officer some confusion, ask the woman alarm what is the situation? "He took a knife to cut my son!" The woman pointed to the man blurted out, and then added: "he hit me! My son came out and bit him! And he will cut off my son!" Listen to such a woman, said the police officer quickly asked her son how? How is the injury? Did not expect the next man said angrily: "she said" son "is just a pet dog she raised!" This plot is turning too fast, while listening to the police dumbfounding. Here is the original woman’s residence, she keeps a pet dog, usually put the dog as a child, said Hu is one a son". This man is a woman’s new boyfriend, two people for a period of time. Man is not the first woman’s, but every time, his pet dog doesn’t like him, he has been regarded as an enemy. Yesterday, a man and a woman because of some trivial quarrel, and later began to push. Unexpectedly, then next to the pet dog eager to defend their master, suddenly rushed toward the man, in his hand snapped. Man with a knife to cut the dog, the hostess alarm man more fire, he picked up the fruit knife on the coffee table to give the dog a little color to see see. A woman to see her boyfriend to chopping up "son", also anxious! She pulled out her cell phone to call the police. See his girlfriend alarm, men don’t want to make it big, gas is passed, the initiative to stop. The man want his girlfriend down, to accompany him to the hospital to fight rabies vaccine. But the girlfriend of he had a knife to cut the "son" scene will not release him out of the house. In the face of the police, the man also feel very embarrassed, he rushed his girlfriend shouted: "two people quarrel you alarm! Now the police are coming, but you can’t go on!" The woman seemed to feel a bit wrong, do not respond to a stalemate. Border police officers began to speak for both sides, the woman’s mood gradually eased down. She explained that he is under the impulse to report to the police, the police came to see some really.相关的主题文章: