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No one buy Microsoft Lumia 950 has fallen below 2000 yuan – Sohu digital mobile phone Chinese [news] last year Microsoft or aspiring to share with An Zhuohe iOS, launched a high hopes of two flagship Lumia 950950 XL, the listed price is $549 (for $3999) and $649, is really quite high. Unfortunately, the majority of users do not seem to buy it, the two products are soon continuous price, especially Lumia 950 was reduced to a (Lumia XL 950) (Lumia 950) to send a gift, and now the U.S. operator AT& T at the price of only $289.99, about 1994 yuan, completely gone the flagship of the dignity. Foreign media pointed out that this $289.99 is AT& T no contract version Lumia 950 price, but there is a lock. No lock version Lumia 950 Microsoft official mall price of $399, or about 2662 yuan. As for the domestic, Microsoft mall price 2399 yuan, a little touched. Here, we will review the Lumia 950 hardware specifications, the machine uses 5.2 inches 2K screen, equipped with 808 Xiaolong six processor, built-in 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, rear 20 million pixel Cai Si lens, equipped with a 3000mAh battery, running Win Mobile 10 system. It is said that Microsoft is ready to give the Lumia series of mobile phones end, the future will launch SurfacePhone. Lumia series of mobile phones from NOKIA, Microsoft, finally, they can consider buying a memorial!相关的主题文章: