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Unlicensed shop will be warning labels –IT– original title: unlicensed shop will be the warning labels national network platform supervision service system will run on the line in the future, the business procedures are not neat or businesses with bad credit records, as long as consumers enter the shop, the address bar will be displayed from the official warning information. Yesterday, the city CPPCC on the construction of electronic commerce credit system held key proposals supervision forum, said the city administration of industry and commerce, the city’s "national network platform supervision service system will be on the line running, consumers online shopping platform access online, real-time pop-up enterprises related to credit information. Today, the shop can be a single brush, takeaway recommended ranking can buy list, how to regulate the credit shop? For non-standard shop, consumers can more effectively identify? The CPPCC members have put forward, to the innovation network of online information management technology, intelligent calibration network trading platform, e-commerce and online consumer complaints set in the browser operating system in reporting function, and automatic backup to the relevant regulatory authorities. In this regard, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said, around mid September, "national network trading platform supervision service system" will be officially launched operation, the system can be consumer oriented "triggered" shows that the enterprise credit information, currently has a collection of basic information of all kinds of network trading platform for a total of 4 million shop. Yesterday, the Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau staff members of the CPPCC members also demonstrated the on-site supervision system. Through the browser into an electronic business platform after the shop, because the store business license has expired, only in the address bar immediately showed the warning message. In addition, in the browser address bar to the left, and the store credit check button, point to open to see whether or not to accept the change of administrative punishment and credit information etc.. Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau official said, the future will be a number of search engines and browser companies, regardless of the form in which consumers enter the shop, will receive timely warning information from government departments. At present, there has been a large e-commerce companies to the trade and Industry Bureau to provide all the information of the shop, the future will expand the scope of. The official said, because the national level on the management of the relevant laws and regulations on the shop is still improving, currently temporarily through the electronic business platform to shop labeled warning label to remind consumers to pay attention to. In the future with the improvement of the relevant laws and regulations, can be directly shielding of these "black". (reporter Wang Qifeng) (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: