Non – full – time and full – time graduate certificate is equally valid-barcarolle

Part-time and full-time Postgraduate Diploma equivalent of Nandu news reporter Feng Qunxing from Beijing with a history of almost 20 years of part-time graduate education once again usher in a policy change — from the beginning of December 1, 2016, the national graduate will be officially as full-time and part-time form between part-time and full-time study certificate and diploma students have the same the legal status and the same effect. Notice of the Ministry of Education recently issued on the co-ordination of full-time and part-time graduate management notice (hereinafter referred to as the notice) revealed the above changes. Notice for the first time the concept of full-time and part-time graduate students made a clear definition. The Ministry of education responsible person, the difference between the two lies mainly in full-time school. The "Circular" pointed out that full-time and part-time graduate, where higher schools or other institutions of higher education in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State shall be issued corresponding, indicate the learning mode of the graduation certificate; the academic degree level has reached the standards prescribed by the state, may apply to be awarded the degree certificate. As a result of China’s unique qualifications, degree double certificate system, for a long time, the community generally higher degree of recognition of the double certificate graduate students, the concept of informal graduate students also widely exist. The notice is particularly clear, full-time and part-time graduate degree certificate has the same legal status and the same effect.  相关的主题文章: