North Korea issued a statement the United States is developing towards the initiator of evil. g227

North Korea issued a statement: the United States is to develop a nuclear bomb the initiator of evil data figure: North Korea has fifth nuclear test North Korea says the United States policy toward facing the overall bankruptcy a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement 11, the United States faced a comprehensive bankruptcy policy toward the United States, is that Korea’s development of nuclear warheads, the initiator of evil. The spokesman said that U.S. President Obama said North Korea had conducted a nuclear warhead explosion test is a threat to peace and security and provocation, ignoring the international standards, the United States does not recognize North Korea is a nuclear power. Obama’s above statement is intended to cover up the failure of the policy toward North Korea, the United States will shirk the responsibility of the DPRK to embrace nuclear. The spokesman said, the United States is in North Korea to develop nuclear warheads continuously toward the initiator of evil, applied nuclear intimidation is North Korea up to today’s power. Obama’s "strategic patience" policy towards the DPRK is facing a complete failure and bankruptcy. The spokesman pointed out that North Korea in order to deal with the U.S. nuclear threat, to defend national sovereignty and the right to life, hold high the banner of the line. The nuclear warhead explosion test is a part of the line. North Korea will continue to strengthen nuclear force from two aspects of quality and quantity. According to KCNA reported 9 North Korea the same day nuclear warhead explosion test success. This is North Korea’s fifth nuclear test since 2006. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations and the seventieth session of the general assembly, President of the United States, respectively, on the 20th, respectively, condemned the North Korean nuclear test again to urge North Korea to stop its nuclear program, 9, respectively, on the same day, the president of the United Nations general assembly, President of the United States and the United Nations General assembly. Obama, President of the United States, 9, with the strongest words condemned North Korea’s nuclear test on the same day, saying the move is a serious threat to regional security and world peace and stability". Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui 10, met with the North Korean ambassador said in the dragon pool, to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, maintain peace and stability on the peninsula and the region, to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation, China is on the Peninsula issue firm and consistent position. North Korea insists on the development of nuclear weapons and nuclear test, which runs counter to the expectations of the international community. China urges the DPRK to take no action could exacerbate tensions, return to the correct direction of the denuclearization of the. (end)相关的主题文章: