October 10th spot crude oil market analysis and forecast next Monday baxia

? October 10th spot crude oil market analysis and forecast on Monday next, the trend of the exposure of the Fund: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! October 10th crude oil spot market analysis and forecast next Monday how far a person can go to see him whom; how good a person, to see who he was pointing; how successful a person, to see who accompanies him. The National Day holiday in EIA non farm payrolls data and in the end, we may on the holiday enough, but still want to recover as soon as possible, to meet new challenges, the world is always unpredictable, we can only influence our own heart, so we have to do is to keep a good attitude. Even if a person has a good mentality, not necessarily won acclaim and devoted to others, but if you want to pick a successful crown must have a good attitude. Maintain a good attitude is against all the odds, is not about things. As this week crude oil market, a lot of people think this is high, listen to others short speech, the bull trend needs to be done, however, the spot market trend is king! Return to the topic, on Friday (October 7th) 20:30 Beijing time, the United States in September nonfarm employment data is less than expected. The U.S. Labor Department report showed the U.S. September nonfarm employment 156 thousand people, less than the expected 172 thousand, August payrolls by 151 thousand to 167 thousand; the unemployment rate in September of 5[%] 4.9[%], the worse than expected, the former value of 4.9[%]. Affected by this, oil prices have risen. In recent months, changes in oil prices are closely related to the trend of the dollar. For buyers who use foreign currency transactions, the weak dollar makes it cheaper to buy dollars worth of oil, so oil prices tend to rise in the case of a falling dollar. However, the recent oil traders are more concerned about OPEC’s remarks and its plans to cut production. Despite doubts about the details of the plan and OPEC’s compliance with the plan, oil prices have risen to their highest level since June. But on Friday, the price rise momentum in the Russian energy minister Novak held in Turkey next week’s Energy Conference ended. Next week the market will usher in the three EIAIEAOPEC crude oil market report, in addition, October 8-13, OPEC and non OPEC oil producers plan to hold an informal meeting in Istanbul, discuss the implementation of the agreement to cut output. In the conference clearance OPEC will also consult with the Russian representative frozen production matters. Technical analysis: the oil four hours chart, K above the $50.74 mark near the touch blocked down, the position at the same time in the band near the back to the 5 day moving average near 49.5 rebound, so we market to see the $49.3 temporary support interval. From the indicators, Bollinger channel continues to run, figure MACD indicators speed line formed Sicha go flat run bias in the high, green energy column volume; KDJ index is formed in the overbought zone of Sicha downward.相关的主题文章: