On victims of groups to the United Nations to pay 560 thousand yuan to ban nuclear signature-bree daniels

On victims of groups to the United Nations over 560 thousand people signed the CTBT’s original title: bomb victims group submitted to the UN’s 560 thousand people signed the CTBT in October 7, according to Japanese media reports, Japan atomic bomb bomb explosion victims group agreement Affairs Bureau Secretary Fujimori Xi Jun (72 years old) 6 day visit the United Nations Headquarters in New York, to the United Nations General Assembly First Committee (the Committee on Disarmament and international security) submitted to approximately 560 thousand people required to develop the CTBT signature convention. The first chairman of the committee, permanent representative of Algeria Sabri Bokadym (Sabri Boukadoum) said: "understanding to ban nuclear bomb victims commitment and contribution. You are the source of all hope." Fujimori said: thanks to the president’s positive evaluation of the signature." Fujimori during a visit to the governments office efforts to appeal to the necessity of the formulation of the Convention, and collected in Nicaragua, Malaysia and Egypt, part of the government official’s signature. The signature collection activities started in April this year, the target for 2020 by hundreds of millions of people worldwide signature, the submission includes Hiroshima mayor Matsui Kazumi, Nagasaki mayor Takami Fuku’s signature. Fujimori said: "there are eight thousand to nine thousand victims died every year. The survivors are left with little, so they will call for a ban on their signatures each year." Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: