Oral my daughter in the future will be very difficult for me to open my mouth-avbox

Oral: future daughter rushed to my lion big openings make it difficult for me to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The son of an object, college students. Two people feeling good, now live together. Son height 1.78M, weight 120 pounds. Scrub a little thin, looks plausible, is not particularly handsome, medium. The six or seven line of county-level city career teacher. Just to work, wages 3000. My ordinary working families, income enough to eat enough deposit. My wife and I have retired basic will not drag the child labor. Girlfriend parents in rural areas, the family has a 15 year old brother. Height 160, 90 pounds, looks passers-by. Do management work in a small private enterprises, the wage is 3000, we are preparing for the career series, there is hope, but not very. To be honest, I’m not very satisfied with this future daughter-in-law. Looks like family and work with my son is not very good, can speak a little careful work, a little bit more heart than my son. Son is an only child, simple and kind-hearted heart. Although usually also very spoiled, survival ability is good, practical and typical economic man. No way, who let my son look at someone else, I will only recognized. I propose to give them proper marriage, the girl said: under the condition of indirect house to write two names, the bride price 50 thousand plus three gold, it is best to buy a mink. The woman not a penny, no dowry. I was not able to put it, after all, think a little awkward. Recently, my son complained that my parents are not active enough to tell me that they do not really want to. I can’t say much to much, but the family is a ordinary people, you talk about, I am not a bit big? I am now all tangled up for this thing is not good to eat well sleep. Do you accept everything? Some are not willing to. Strong points of the bar, but also afraid of his son frustrated love hurt. Please pointing maze get a good idea? Blogger analysis: we have seen too many bad mothers, most of the sympathy to the daughter of a party. But the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a tango, started basically is the daughter of the attack, the mother-in-law were forced to face the last is because her son mother gain a complete victory, the helper. Her future daughter-in-law is taking the initiative. Now she is full of confidence, because she can control her boyfriend, and her boyfriend can do fuck. This is done at the end, she directly and her mother declared war, manifested in three aspects: 1. Of course, can’t wait to marry her boyfriend, but she asked his mother to take the initiative to get married, I mean, are you seeking married; 2, her mother-in-law to take real action to prove her honor — "house to write two names, the bride price 50 thousand plus three gold, it is best to buy a mink, but her a penny no, no, she took the dowry; 3 initiative in his hand, if her husband is not good for her, she would divorce, let them pay at least half a house price. The future mother-in-law immediately depressed, she would not look at her, don’t agree with this marriage, but also she stooped to please the door, stoop well, but also to pay real money! Her serious mental loss相关的主题文章: