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Overseas Chinese media focus on Chinese purchasing: crazy crazy crazy purchasing routine – China network purchasing is what? Baidu said: popular point is to find someone to help buy the goods needed." When the contemporary buy into a career, the Chinese media focus on overseas purchasing industry and marvel crazy purchasing spawned crazy routine". Routine: buying and selling industry flourished from the purchase of Chinese and overseas commodity price difference. Initially, Chinese in many overseas students and Chinese use of spare time to buy some luxury goods purchasing to earn some extra money. This purchasing method now seems too common. In recent days, purchasing agitation in full swing. According to the U.S. "world news" reported that this summer, Chicago fashion outlets Coach stores have been held in purchasing special sale, in the shopping center at 6 in the afternoon after the closing, especially for purchasing large customers launched a 2 hour sale, from the Chicago area of the Chinese people, more than one hour before the opening in long queues outside the famous shop. According to market research consultancy Bain research shows that about 60% of Chinese consumers, have used the purchasing service, while in 2015 China’s total market value of about $8 billion. Chinese purchasing robbed more than and 90 pieces to the Liz leather handbag. She said that the sale will only see a white, a Mexico born, the uniform is Chinese purchasing. In addition to Oteri J brand store attaches great importance to the purchasing power of the Chinese, the general store is also often held by private staff discounts, widely invited to buy. American world news network reported that the British and European referendum, the sterling exchange rate fell to 31 year low, the pound fell to British goods become relatively cheap, attract overseas purchasing online business a shopping spree, instant hot. The exchange rate of RMB against the pound plunged, also coincides with the British summer discount season, the pound fell is equivalent to an extra ten percent off goods, make online a lot about Chinese purchasing British products information of concern. University of London Kings College doctoral student Yang Yifan said the day before, he suddenly has received WeChat news two or three friends, for purchasing handbags or British milk. Routine: Purchasing Company Crazy Chinese already from the previous "alone" into a "battle group", purchasing scale has attracted Chinese media focus. Australia network reported that the Australian Chinese high-end consumers love green and healthy cereal, vitamins and health products and infant formula by Macao intermediate frequent "luggage trade" can help 40 thousand Australian Chinese purchasing $1 million can obtain the highest annual sales. And from the opportunity to see the Australian Chinese, is a substitute for the traditional Australian supermarkets and pharmacies, have opened their own shops, to become the purchasing channels of supply. Hundreds of purchasing goods to provide goods warehouse and gift shop all over Sydney. In addition to providing more affordable than the local supermarket and pharmacy prices, these stores also provide packaged services. Ms. Xu, who was only 26 years old, established a mature company with a staff of about 15 employees and supply of products in Australia and New Zealand, after a few years of purchase. With the purchasing of industry相关的主题文章: