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Panda TV reality show "Panda Kill" gaming launched in September 10th TV annual Giant Panda large-scale athletics variety reality show "Panda Kill" was formally launched tomorrow, more than 20 heavyweight battle on the same stage, accompanied by a mysterious luxury scene through a story, intrigues, intrigue eSports stars officially opened tomorrow. Panda TV studio address: pandakill  enduring struggle immediately staged ancient house bell sounded, 09 Wu sound through scrapping into. Witch poison will drop into the WHO bowl, the werewolf claws to tear the throat of the prophet who, eyes will see who face? Getting dark around, more and more quiet, a sudden howl, who will become a werewolf mouth prey? Whirling plot, dangerous terrorist assassination, narrowly escaped death reversal, enduring struggle is quietly brewing.   coffee star "Panda Kill" was on the same stage play adjustment to the most fire board game rules, so that the anchor in the program using the logical thinking and skills to confuse opponents skilled in debate and convince teammates, to achieve the greatest degree of trust and help, and to survive to the end. The wonderful language showdown, exaggerated acting, child heart team infighting, suspicion will show the perfect horror story. Who is behind the 12 gaming let the initiator of evil, big coffee back with you to uncover the secret of the story.     top star blockbuster hits TV JY, two panda star anchor, Wu Ke sound 09, small, rat king, less Wang, prisoner, Wang Mao, on the same stage, whirling plot, dangerous terrorist assassination, whether behind the truth can risk of death? September 10 panda TV for you secret.   2009 Wu in the commentary and professional players have achieved great success in the two identities. As a world champion, 09 of the mind, quick thinking, in the "Panda Kill" in the team can lead to the final victory of the 09? Let us wait and see.   JY Morpheus, veteran gaming players observe strong hegemony of occupation, and with "pinkeye Jingjing" function in the game, because the strength was usually the first kill. The JY strong return, looking forward to his wonderful performance.   national goddess of the two incarnation of Miss Ke Liuyang, weekdays at studio two Ke to bring countless songs, will show his dark side in the "Panda Kill two" Lisa? Fans have said: I want to have a Ke Ke, I see.   is a small building; electronic games in the League of legends is bravado beauties, famous female game player and commentator, in "Panda Kill" and building national incarnation of daughter-in-law, her innocent sell adorable Nirvana not escape all the stuff? Cute baby small you see.   game in the circle of magic the magic circle in nice, the game is the best, as the hearth industry large coffee anchor, high level of prisoners, the live style of humor won many game player’s favorite, the prisoner is greatly versatile.相关的主题文章: