Parents must see the school season! Children ride the school bus is safe

Parents must see the school season! This child was safe school bus car – Sohu and I see some old driver lessons for everyone bear children to school ", I believe the owners who are on security matters to drive their children to have a general understanding. This does not, there are small partners to ask the old driver, the child’s school is too far away from their own units, no time to send their children to school, only to let the children take the school bus, so that the old driver to talk about the child’s attention to take the school bus. The old driver to meet the needs of parents, to talk about the child’s safety ride the school bus thing! This article, children and parents together, the effect is better yo! First of all, what kind of school bus is safe? Promulgated in 2012, the school bus safety regulations on the school bus body configuration and school bus signs, parking signs and so on have been strictly regulated. Roughly sum up, meet the following 10 requirements: 1, can be considered a safe school bus: bus number shall not exceed 56 of the maximum number of children of school bus occupant does not exceed 45; the maximum number of passengers and the primary school bus school bus should be no more than 56 people. 2, appearance: can not set the luggage rack car school bus height shall not be greater than 3.7 meters, shall not set up the luggage rack, frame articulated bus and double decker bus can not be used as a special school bus. Special school bus should be installed before and after bumper. 3, interior: glass film, not the interior must not possible to bulge, injuries, depression angle defects should be raised inside burr. Passengers should be installed at the door of the high and low handrails, handrails should not be possible to hurt the bumps, burr. The passenger area at least 1/2 lower side windows should be closed, all window glass may not be posted opaque and any specular reflective materials of paper or paper. 4, the top of the car: the school bus lights should be installed on the front of the car should be installed on the top of the car before and after the installation of two yellow school bus logo lights, lamps should have a round transparent lampshade and around its vertical axis 360°. 5, after the car: "please wait for the school bus sign" should be in the car after boarding the outside surface of the rear of the vehicle is close to the area that can be seen clearly marked, "please wait" and "when the stop sign out when red words. 6, the seat: the seat belt for the non folding soft seat children and students should be arranged in front of the chair. The driver seat is located in the horizontal vertical plane before the children and students can not be set to prevent students from accidentally touched. Children and student seats should not be folded seats, each child and student seats should be equipped with a backrest. Children and students should soften the seat. 7, emergency exit: around at least one for the convenience of evacuation and outside the vehicle, the vehicle’s left and right should have at least one export. The front and rear halves of the passenger area shall be provided with at least one outlet. There shall be at least one outlet at the rear. 8, lighting: should be equipped with two lighting lines should have at least two internal lighting circuit, when a line failure should not affect the lighting of another line. 9, travel recorder: with satellite positioning function of the school bus should be installed with satellite positioning function of the travel recorder and car and car record.相关的主题文章: