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A female case of Park Yu Chun was indicted had threatened to ask for 3 million Tencent Park Yu Chun entertainment news August 29th, Seoul central prosecutor female children criminal investigation department said it would attempt to intimidate and false accusations of Park Yu Chun had to prosecute a detention prosecution filed A. A will also be on a B of a boyfriend, and introduced by acquaintances C respectively to scare and attempted false accusation filed not detained and indicted. More than 3 people have threatened to Park Yu Chun and their clubs and asked for a total of 500 million won (about RMB 3 million yuan), He Jiejin, and threatened if not to the settlement of the event will be expanded and brought charges. A previously reported to the police that he was Park Yu Chun’s sexual assault, but in the subsequent investigation she has admitted that he is a voluntary relationship with Park Yu Chun, the police also found a boyfriend and cousin A had to name settlement to Park Yu Chun to ask for money. In July 15th, Seoul Jiangnan police cloth, the police did not find the use of coercive means to prove the relationship between Park Yu Chun and the four women report when evidence, so the four allegations of sexual assault to suspect case. Fellow sufferers! Park Yu Chun’s brother was sued by his ex girlfriend相关的主题文章: