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Credit Credit card fraud has been around for a number of years. Long before the Internet made its appearance there was fraud of credit cards. However with the large number of people shopping online today it is easier and easier for thieves to get a hold of credit card numbers and use them for their criminal purposes. While credit card fraud can happen to anyone even if they are very careful there are still some things you can do to protect yourself to the very best of your ability. The question we pose here is it is safe to use a credit card to make purchases over the Internet? Is there reason to be concerned or should these individuals just relax and .e to enjoy and appreciate what online shopping has to offer them? Read on to find out. Before you consider credit card safety online consider credit card safety offline. Remember the days when you would be at a restaurant and when it came time to pay the bill you would hand your credit card over to the server who would leave the table with it and ring your bill in somewhere else? That was risky but it was also a very .mon practice. Using the online system is free. Once you register at the website and get set up with a username and password you will find that you can navigate the site very easily and it will get simpler and more elementary every time you use it. The convenience of paying your credit card bill online is unequalled. Whether your day is filled with appointments, meetings, interviews or taking your kids to the dentist and then to soccer practice you can log on to your credit card website and pay your bill at home as you are getting ready to dash out the door. Look for the symbol of a padlock at any website where you are thinking about making a credit card payment online. It would also be wise to find out what type of encryption the site uses. Many sites used to use only 40-bit encryption but the best sites out there are using 128-bit encryption. This higher level of encryption offers a great deal more safety and security to you when it .es to shopping at the website and using your credit card as the method of payment. Credit card purchases both online and off is widespread which means that the vast number of card holders is willing to accept the odds of credit card fraud. If the fear of falling prey to an unscrupulous individual was that great a fear to you then you would avoid having a credit card all together. Practicing safety in terms of your credit cards means being smart about your cards in every way possible, both online and off. Always sign a new credit card as soon as you receive it. If you have a variety of credit cards then carry only one or two with you at a time when you go out. When you pay your credit card bill carefully review your charges. If you find any suspicious charges then report them immediately. Even the smallest charges need to be substantiated. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: