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People’s Daily: Jiangsu more than 9 rural household electric power "– Jiangsu windows — original title: Jiangsu more than 9 rural power to realize the popularization of the" people’s Daily "on 08 October 2016 08 edition screenshot original title: Jiangsu more than 9 rural household electric power" "electric boiler to replace coal-fired boiler, single piece of woolen sweater cost although expensive 0.05 yuan, but the ironing efficiency and yield increased by 20%, and more safety and environmental protection." Live in Wujiang District of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Song Ling Zhen Heng Shan village community bull sweater factory is responsible for Xu Shanmao, very satisfied to the new renovation of electric boiler. Hengshan in Wujiang community, coal-fired boiler electric boiler replacement work has been completed, the local replacement of 121 households, accounting for 79% of the total, the total number of coal stove will transform the 66%, and achieved a win-win ecological civilization construction and economic and social development. This is thanks to us a new round of rural power grids." State Grid deputy director of Sales Department of Jiangsu Chen Zhenyu said, in a new round of upgrades to the upgrading of rural power grids in Jiangsu to carry out power household project. At present, the low voltage power line in Jiangsu Province, 373 thousand km direct services in the rural areas, the total length of 380 volt power line has reached 345 thousand km, accounting for more than 9, rural household capacity has reached the average level of 4 thousand and 150 KVA, far exceeding the national average capacity of 2 thousand and 200 KVA, effectively enhance the rural residents life quality of electricity production. From the lighting power to the power of the family can do the processing plant, before the power is very far, and often there will be a power outage situation, and sometimes affect the cloth processing. After the transformation of the power grid, there will be no sudden power outage, and our business is getting more and more prosperous." Su pointed villagers Su Yingxi said Changshou City ancient town. In the promotion of a new round of rural reform process, Changshou City power company power supply radius for ancient long problem, a new transformer load or the original segmentation with variable volume increases and the erection of new 400 volt connecting line. Similarly, in Changshou City Yushan Town Crane Lake Village, about 500 households in small and medium-sized garment processing workshop 200 buildings. The local power supply department through the transformation plan, the new transformer capacity, low voltage line connecting device and transformation, effectively protect the power needs of the local farmers family run enterprises. At home to do the factory, the most needed is a higher power than the lighting power requirements. Chen Zhenyu said that the power is also called three-phase electric power, three lines of fire for a zero line, zero line and the voltage between each FireWire is 220 volts, while each of the two FireWire is between 380 volts. Power is mainly used in large machine tools, machinery, mixers, motors and other electricity, and now small processing, including individual household processing households generally need power. In rural areas, are generally set up lighting electricity. Where is the power from? The State Grid Corporation of Jiangsu in promoting a new round of rural power grids, power has become the standard. Every household in the home can have their own families and factories, lay a solid foundation for public entrepreneurship, innovation ". From the gas bottle to the electric boiler green production benefit benefit due to the developed economy, rural areas相关的主题文章: