Philippines’s military and rebels exchanged fire killed at least 14 people – Sohu news-yo te amo

At least 14 of Philippines’s military and rebels fighting death – Sohu news Philippines 18 military and Absar Jef rebels in the southern Philippines war, killing at least 10 Absar Jef fighters and 4 military soldiers were killed and another 9 soldiers were injured. Philippines Western Mindanao Command spokesman FILEMON said, on the morning of the Philippine military Absar Jef organized a stronghold in the Southern Sulu province attack the stronghold stationed about 150 militants. The fighting is fierce, lasted 45 minutes, the military ground forces used the howitzer, "Filemont said. Philippines’s military said Absar Jef currently detained at least 22 hostages, including from Holland, German tourists, from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines several local crew. Earlier, Absar Jef, a Philippines hostage released by the organization, said that in the Sulu province of this stronghold, he had seen several hostages were seized. But the Philippine military said, still unable to confirm whether the hostages were seized in the sulu. Absar Jef was founded in the early 90s of last century organization is active in the southern Philippines in an extreme armed forces, has been involved in manufacturing a series of terrorist attacks and kidnapping. Under the impact of the Philippine government forces, this organization has been greatly weakened forces. Philippines military estimates, the existing members of the organization are not more than 350 people, mainly in the Sulu archipelago, Basilan and tawi islands and other places engaged in kidnapping, trafficking in arms and drugs, blackmail and impose exactions on other activities. (end)相关的主题文章: