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"Poor rich dad" Shanghai Kevin Cheng praised the little bin Acting professional Sohu   entertainment; carnival comedy "poor rich dad" the meeting will be held in Shanghai. Sohu entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling photo) November 7th, Carnival comedy "poor rich dad" the meeting will be held in Shanghai, produced by Wu Siyuan, directed by Zhang Jianting and starring Kevin Cheng, little bin debut. During the interview, Kevin Cheng praised the little bin Acting major, also joked: "the child and the acting is a great challenge, will be very easy to steal the spotlight." Little bin acting. "Poor rich dad" by Hongkong twice won the award for Best Screenplay Zhang Jianting wrote and directed, tells the story of the rich dad bankrupts with his son QiongYou Hongkong, staged a touching warmth and laughter and unforgettable trip. The story is based on the true story writer director Alfred Cheung and his side, guide Zhang had poor children with a powerful and unconstrained style of South Korea, "a few years ago, I think the child is too happy, so they went to South Korea very cheap. When I came back, my daughter asked me if I was broke, so I developed a story in the film." Kevin Cheng Shanghai campaign for the film. This is the first time that Kevin Cheng has filmed a movie based on his father and son. He said that when he was a child and his father to spend less time, it is not clear when the father should be, but Zhang Jianting became his reference object. Talk about the little bin partner, Kevin Cheng made no secret of its appreciation, even praised constantly: "he has a good memory, like the adults, with never wrong, emotion has a good command of. And the children act is a great challenge, will be very easy to steal the spotlight." On the scene, talking about the current situation of Chinese film, the veteran filmmaker Wu Siyuan criticized the bad phenomenon: now the actors are so busy, the price is so high. I had a hand out a lot of actors, such as Zhou Runfa, Jackie Chan, and they became today’s superstars from ordinary well-known actors. A director to show talent, not by the money to make big stars. But now is the trend, I think this is not the way the Chinese film. In addition to entertainment, marketing, the key to see if there are some insights. Now there are many negative aspects of the film, for example, to make financial speculation and film, these are not normal behavior. Sometimes I am very surprised that we are now very prosperous film market, but there are few people moved to see the excitement, tears, movies."   相关的主题文章: