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" pop " hit "the shadow" taking a dialogue on the "new century" of Pope Andy · Warhol’s solo exhibition "shadow" the opening ceremony of the dia Art Foundation Director Jessica · Morgan in October 29, 2016; Andy · Warhol: Shadow "China first exhibition art gallery opened in more than Deyao. This is also the exhibition debut in Asia, "New York Times" said it was Andy · Warhol "on impermanence monument", twentieth Century is the most influential artist, pop art master Andy · Warhol has the most mysterious works. The exhibition by Yu Deyao art museum with the world-famous New York dia Art Foundation (Dia Art Foundation) jointly organized. The exhibition lecture, from left to right, director Yu Deyao, director Jessica · Morgan, Professor Eric at the exhibition site in 1978, 50 year old Andy · Warhol entitled "series of works to create shadow" in the help of assistant factory. This series will he on regulating the early exploration of the abstract, to screen as the canvas panels. Only from the form of works can we understand the radical connotation of Warhol’s "shadow" series. The series is conceived as a picture of a number of parts, and the final number of canvas depends on the size of the exhibition space. In the exhibition of Yuz Art Museum, there will be 102 works close to the edge, in 1000 square meters of exhibition space; they are in positive and negative alternately in the form of exhibition on the wall lined up, line up to 135 meters. The two floor exhibition hall of the Yu Deyao museum will be dedicated to creating an exhibition space for this monumental series. This is also the "shadow" series from the 1978 exhibition site Andy · Warhol said this work: "when I look at things, I always see the space they occupy. I always want the space to recover". The "shadow" series is not a simple repetition, each works corresponds with a revealing form, accurate and introspection, the viewer’s gaze orientation space "light" – a series of central theme. The exhibition site in the exhibition site to talk about why so many works in the donation after leaving a shadow series, Jessica · Morgan (Jessica Morgan) said: "the reason why the shadow series stay, because in all aspects of this series and other works of Warhol are not the same. Warhol and Campbell on the Elvis Presley soup can work everyone for having heard it many times but almost all of the works are, respectively. Only the shadow series becomes a whole, and the 102 forms a very large device. This is also a work of Andy · a complete abstraction of Warhol. The theme of this series is really heavy, which is about life and death. I think through this series of works, the source相关的主题文章: