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Marketing Alexa Ranking is a simple scheme of allotting ranks to blogs or websites. According to this scheme, ranks are allotted to a particular blog or website by finding out the number of visitors of a website at some particular point of time. You have to download and install the Alexa toolbar first before you see Alexa Ranking is doing the job for you. It is advised to have Alexa Toolbar because most of the promoting networks or firms focuses on Alexa Ranking to decide if assessment should be obtained from a particular website or not. The Alexa Rank of a website is very vital because it completely depends on your ranking whether some marketing company will offer you few ads or not. There are various ad networks and advertisers which use the concept of ranking by Alexa to judge if a website deserves marketing or not. It includes examples like Sponsored Advertisements, Review Me and Advertisements linked with text website. On the basis of Alexa Rank , the price of advertisement paid for a blog or website is decided. So simply more your rank is better is reputation. On the other hand lower rank denotes less popularity. Alexa Rank is very beneficial for a person who is the owner of a website. Especially if you are handling a business website, the importance becomes more. By Alexa rank you can have a clear analysis of the number of people who are visiting your website and website popularity at a particular point of time. In addition to this, you can also get information about the popularity of your competitors. This type of analysis is very important if you want to hold a strong position in the online market of business. On the basis of analysis you can decide your future actions. Suppose if you are lagging behind your competitors then you need to put some serious efforts. On the other hand if you are leading then you need to maintain the momentum. Thus it is recommended to rely on Alexa Ranking for great results. More information at: ..made-from-india../article/Positive-Aspects-of-Alexa-Ranking-1237.html 相关的主题文章: