Programmers fell in love with the network of female anchors spent 130 thousand yuan to the micro sig ca1810

Programmers fell in love with the network of female anchor spent 130 thousand yuan to the micro signal during the day, he is a decent white-collar workers, and in the evening, he has become a thief thief. Li usually wage income is not low, so he embarked on the cause of the crime, but because the network of female anchor. Xiao Li is a 90, in a IT company to do the programmer, usually in addition to work and Internet access, he basically no hobbies, did not talk about a girlfriend. Since January of this year, Li fans on a live broadcast platform, a female anchor Wu yi". Xiao Li is single-minded, watching the live broadcast every day, in order to win the Wu Ruyi concern, Li put their savings are used to give a female anchor brush virtual gifts. After Li unremittingly brush gift, Li finally and female anchor plus WeChat. In WeChat chat, female anchor mentioned that his monthly online gift water is not enough, resulting in their own work Commission dissatisfaction, I hope to continue to support lee. Heard that beauty is difficult, li felt himself as a fan duty. So, he every day for female anchor brush more gifts". Just 5 months time, in the female anchor who spent a total of 110 thousand. Xiao Li’s abnormal expenses soon attracted the attention of his family, and his family controlled his economic expenditure. But Mike is still stubborn, family persuasion did not play any role, but I had no money he was moving from the crooked brains. One day after work, Li ducked into a store room, shopping malls and other shopping malls in the closing, he began the counter theft, put a whole layer of the counter stole a total of over 1 yuan, stolen property. Soon, the police caught him through surveillance video, Mike was arrested, the company leader is still willing to give him a chance. However, Li is still infatuated with the "Wu Ruyi", simply quit the job. No money to send female anchor "gifts", he would take the night over the window, continuous stole several shops along the street. Let investigators surprise is that the total number of Li in the female anchor who cast more than 130 thousand, but has not even seen the face of female anchor. Currently, Xiao Li suspicion of theft, Yuhuatai District People’s Procuratorate prosecution. (the Department of surname) happy together! A woman always wanted to be on the headlines (Photos)相关的主题文章: