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Real-Estate Properties in Pune, of late is all set to make records in terms of recent growth that it has seen. Punethe cultural capital of Maharashtra; always been regarded as the most progressive cities all over the state. Umpteen numbers of IT / ITES .panies, educational institutions, many of the BPO industry have established its business centres in Pune. With its high quality of educational facilities, it has invariably invited students from far Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, countries like Iran and the Middle East to seek higher education at an astonishingly affordable cost. The migrating students and professionals in Pune for making career has taken the citys population to a new height, thus preparing a perfect ingredient to make it a cosmopolitan city with variegated colors of myriad cultures. According to market reports, .mercial property in Pune, fetches about 20-25% returns on investment. This makes the city a favorite destination for buying properties in Pune. Seeing this promising business opportunity Real estate investors are attracted to Pune properties, as investments in residential properties is a certain sense of higher returns. Property developers in Pune launched many of their ivy-league residential projects in order meet the requirement of the residential housing .plexes in the city. There is a steady increase in demand for residential properties in Pune with the booming infrastructure developments initiated by various government enterprises. With this positive market sentiment, various property investment avenues like apartments, flats, individual houses, group housing, villas, luxury houses, pent houses, vacation homes, condominiums, etc are being built to support the supply chain. Interested investors can also think of investing into an integrated township with the state-of-the-art ac.modation spaces, shopping areas, business centers and all basic amenities under one roof. Various multi national .panies are looking forward to be a part of this growth story, thus taking the demand for .mercial segment to an all time high with its demand for more IT Parks, shopping malls, multiplexes and dedicated business zones asking for a world-class architecture. Many property developers try to capitalise this opportunity to make the best out of it by constructing high end projects offering latest technology blended with aesthetic designs. With recession hitting the global market and the bearish mood in share markets worldwide has done little damage to Pune properties. Demand for both residential and .mercial properties has exceeded and growing ever since making Pune western India’s most active property market and nonetheless, a very fast growing market. Leading property developers, local real estate players and multinational .panies are setting foot in this segment to decorate Pune with their unparallel architectural wonders. The property tax structure in Pune further inspires the property investors to .e up with a boosting confidence. Paying municipal taxes on time promotes concessions to taxpayers. These exemptions if the property is used for residential purposes are provided. No concession to About the Author: 相关的主题文章: