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Property tax down prices? I can lie, but please pay attention to the number of original title: property tax, hanging in the middle Chinese head a shearing tool Author: Ma Guangyuan source: public number Guangyuan see the economy "has recently been two real estate tax message scraper: one is the afternoon of November 1st, a" Chengdu City Local Taxation Bureau issued a notice. The real estate tax to come true "the article caused a lot of people’s attention, the Chengdu Local Taxation Bureau in a" on the real estate tax, urban land use tax declaration work notice ", notice that: property taxes in the city, county, built towns and industrial and mining areas levy paid by property owners people. According to the original value of the property tax rate, a deduction of 30% of the value as the tax basis, the tax rate is 1.2%. The real estate rental, the rental income from the property tax as a tax basis, the tax rate is 12%. It is clear that the property tax is not here we are now discussing the "real estate tax", which is the 1986 "real estate tax provisional regulations" in the provisions of the real estate tax, and the implementation of the exemption. What is funny is that there are a lot of high-end people and the media are also passing the news, the Chengdu began to levy property tax, which is too low. Second real estate tax on the news is that we are now hot in the "real estate tax". November 4th, Minister of finance Lou Jiwei said that the real estate tax and other tax reform is actively promoting. At the same time, the news media and the National Office of the chief inspector of land held in Beijing unified registration of immovable property system implementation work scheduling inspector will combine, which indicates that the main obstacle that improve the real estate tax levy will be cleared, the next step in the tax reform work will be triggered at any moment. "Push" and "triggered at any moment" in these words appeared in media reports and analysis, to the outside world is soon to levy property tax. This is the media to engage in oolong. Lou Jiwei said real estate tax actively promote, this is not wrong, but this does not mean that the property tax will soon be introduced. The third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee real estate tax reform put forward the overall requirements of the National People’s Congress included in the legislative plan is normal. However, the inclusion of legislative planning does not mean that soon will be introduced. A lot of legislation in Chinese,, are all experiencing the game will for many years finally submitted the legislative process, legislative time in more than ten years of experience of 10 years and meet the eye everywhere, still far is not a minority, such as the "Civil Code", considering the complexity of the real estate tax, real estate tax legislation if not for a period of 10 years or more what surprised me at all. Unfortunately, we are very professional multimedia, keen speculation, don’t say the unified registration of immovable property is not complete, even if completed, facing the introduction of property tax is still a lot of obstacles, how can not professional on the arbitrary "main obstacle has been removed, the introduction of" poised to strike ". As we all know, when I analyze the trend of China’s real estate prices, never mention property tax, the reason is very simple, that is, I think the probability of the introduction of the short term is equal to zero, there is no need to consider factors. Step back, even if the introduction, it can really play a role in reducing prices? Prices will drop in the hopes of the property tax on the body, is really too stupid.相关的主题文章: