Pudong airport taxi empty or banned cattle showmanship rampant garage (video)-onavo protect

Pudong airport taxi empty or banned cattle rampant showmanship parking before the date, a female netizen at Pudong airport encountered "black dispatch" net paste caused concern. The parties said in the text, they were arranged on the illegal scheduling of illegal passenger vehicles. Cattle car showmanship, transport passengers, airport passenger chaos is worrying. This afternoon, Shanghai airport group, Shanghai traffic enforcement corps, airport public security in Pudong airport terminal two joint law enforcement. However, the joint law enforcement is not in the airport arrival peak time, so the field of law enforcement did not find cattle showmanship phenomenon. The airport staff: black car rampant in after 3 pm and 14 pm the night of September 27th, Oriental Network reporter came to the Pudong airport terminal two to reach the floor. Because the airport passengers arrive at the peak is about 3 in the afternoon, 4 points, so in the taxi waiting area only several passengers, the scene orderly. "Obviously, this time is no black car showmanship phenomenon." The 2 floor of the Pudong airport in a staff member said that the showmanship phenomenon occurs mostly in Pudong airport arrival time of passengers, usually after 3 p.m., and night public transport outage time, namely 22 points. As the staff said, the car is one of the important reasons of repeated matching problem is the bus. Pudong reporter access to information on the operation of the Shanghai subway, starting from the Pudong airport line 2 subway last train time is 22:00, maglev train station at the end of the bus time is 22:40. Airport bus, the end of the last bus terminal is the latest 23:00, terminal two, the last bus time is 23:05. City traffic enforcement corps: 24 hour rotation but is still a lack of illegal passenger inspection staff is one of the key projects in Shanghai traffic regulation. According to the Shanghai traffic enforcement corps data provided by Shanghai in 2016 to investigate illegal passenger vehicles 7825 vehicles, two airports and two train station to investigate illegal passenger number is 1900, the city accounted for 1/4 of the number of. Among them, the Pudong airport illegal passenger vehicles 224, is the last year of three times. Separation of people and vehicles’ is one of the difficulties to investigate illegal passenger airport." Shanghai city traffic enforcement corps official said in an interview with reporters eastday, is also a transportation hub, soliciting phenomenon at the train station and the airport’s illegal passenger is different. "The airport and train station roadside soliciting illegal passenger and the biggest difference is that the" separation of people and vehicles, "difficult investigation, because of the need to grasp the current." The official said that at present the phenomenon of separation of people and vehicles so that the law enforcement work difficult to enter the embarrassing situation, the Corps is responsible for the investigation and handling of illegal passenger airport taxi waiting area order maintenance. If the car parked at the airport parking, their arrival level (taxi waiting area) soliciting, this belongs to the airport public security law enforcement category, and therefore such (separation of people and vehicles) joint law enforcement needs of illegal passenger transport phenomenon." In addition, apart from the Hongqiao airport, Pudong airport is currently allowed to taxi into the garage, it also gives some cattle and the driver brought opportunity, there are media reports of cattle in the airport taxi waiting area to pick passengers enter)相关的主题文章: