Pull out the Volkswagen logo Hui second Audi a6l- automotive Sohu ang-shiyang

Pull out the logo Volkswagen second Audi A6L- Hui ang Sohu auto Sohu [car] laboratory truth walking in the street, we are often surprised to find that there are some high-grade domestic car, pull off the rear of the lower right corner of the manufacturers logo, look far, not too familiar with the car type friends may that is an imported car, making everyone on the car’s impression immediately raised a notch, of course, what is more, the replacement of the logo, it is difficult to distinguish the borrowing power to do evil. This just shows that the mentality of the Chinese car buyers, in addition to the car we often said to be large, space enough, power enough, in the case of sufficient funds, the brand is the first choice of cars. At the beginning of the Volkswagen Phaeton production news in the luxury car has always been concerned about the domestic transfer of legitimate Public opinion is seething with indignation., raise a Babel of criticism of, a Volkswagen PHIDEON car at the Geneva Auto Show debut, and the Volkswagen brand design director Klaus Bischoff said the high-profile, PHIDEON is in the European design, designed to focus on the taste of the customer and build China. Soon, the Beijing auto show in April, we saw PHIDEON, and eventually named Hui ang, can be seen from the name, it is a moral to extend the image of the Phaeton luxury big brother. Hui ang is the most popular advanced platform for the development of a C class high-end sedan, with Audi A6L platform, exceeding 5 metres in length, the wheelbase is more than 3 meters, body slender, with a business car’s unique temperament and full LED light source headlamp is no longer so low-key Phaeton, more luxurious interior configuration is complete, do not lose any a luxury car, night vision system, car refrigerator configuration is everything. The price quickly became the focus of everyone’s attention, in the last week of 21 days, Hui ang officially listed, although after the Phaeton as bedding, but 34.9-65.9 million price, or let the public opinion wonder, after all it is a low Phaeton level, after all, the price has been close to the Audi A6L, even in many places there are nearly 100 thousand A6L yuan preferential price, with the same Hui ang. But this does not make SAIC Volkswagen Volkswagen also worried, after all not a senior car, FAW – Volkswagen although the lack of senior Volkswagen models, but the Audi brand is enough, but for Volkswagen, although the sales record is brilliant, but nearly half of sales come from a and the following models, to Passat there was no car, can not meet the needs of customers. More importantly, Hui ang will play is to upgrade the Volkswagen brand image position, this year in the same sense as phaeton. And is just the beginning of SAIC Volkswagen high-end, followed by a medium-sized SUV will also be domestic, it will be the same size as Audi Q7. Even if we assume that the Audi A6L offers 100 thousand yuan, and Hui ang with the price of the vehicle configuration comparison, low version of Hui ang in power and configuration have more advantages than the same price of the Audi A6L, while the high version for comparison, although the power system is basically the same as the two car, but the aspect of Hui ang or more good.相关的主题文章: