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The pulsar test before the satellite launch controversial response: do not stop – Sohu test satellite XPNAV-1 news according to Xinhua News Agency reported that in November 10th, the successful launch of China pulsar test satellite, satellite precise orbit. Prior to launch, the satellite in the name of the report or pulsar navigation test satellite (XPNAV-1), which disappeared navigation two words have sparked controversy in some sectors. China Space Technology Research Institute under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (also called China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five, referred to as "aerospace five") had announced that the satellite will be used to study the pulsar navigation related topics. The satellite science mission system designer, researcher at the China Academy of space technology are flat on the media, at present, the accuracy of satellite navigation and positioning is 10 meters, the final precision of pulsar navigation can reach 10 meters level. November 3rd, an industry expert to surging news () said that the current pulsar navigation is just a theory, is a model, there is no application value. Now the pulsar astrophysics model can give out the true sense of navigation accuracy, is a few kilometers to tens of kilometers, and the project claimed that the navigation accuracy of 10 meters, the difference is very large. The afternoon of November 4th, aerospace five Propaganda Department Deputy Director Cao said surging news, "the satellite launch is very serious. We will not stop because of a few questions of the article, and then, we will complete the task according to the plan." National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, the relevant staff in November 8th on surging news, said the controversy exists in the space program is not surprising, as long as the normal discussion within the academic community, there is no problem. An aerospace five official material and obtained surging news said, starting from the concept of pulsar navigation technology, the progress of basic foreign parallel, can not follow the goal, no practical way. The project is different from the previous run with foreign running style innovation, but also run innovation". Designer: the navigation accuracy can reach 10 meters according to Science Daily, the satellite is developed by the China Academy of space technology, sun synchronous orbit satellite. A satellite into orbit and orbit test after completion, will be carried out on test technology, verification of spaceborne pulsar detector performance and environmental adaptability, accumulation in orbit pulsar data, lays the foundation for pulsar detection and verification technology system. In July 1967, the British astrophysicist Joss (Susan Jocelyn) in the radio telescope data recorded in the, found a similar to the ECG of the polar pulse signal of the law (Bell). Subsequently, more researchers have found that the high-speed rotation of the neutron star in the universe will be issued by the direction of the beam, they are called pulsars. November 3rd, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of high energy physics researcher Zhang Shuangnan told surging news, pulsar navigation and radar navigation is not the same, the radar is the active detection, pulsar navigation is passive detection. The pulse arrival time is periodic and can be determined by the time difference of the received pulses.相关的主题文章: