Qiao Renliang Memorial circle of friends together now fans don’t tear their loved ones-ppbox

Qiao Renliang Memorial circle of friends we are family fans leibie Sina entertainment news [micro-blog] actor Qiao Renliang died unexpectedly, triggered a regret. September 22nd held in Shanghai on the morning of the memorial service, Joe Chen [micro-blog], Zhao Liying [micro-blog], Zhang Xinyu [micro-blog], Bao Beier [micro-blog] so many of Qiao Renliang’s circle of friends at the memorial service, Kimi sent finally. Li Yifeng [micro-blog], Jing Bairan [micro-blog], Fu Xinbo [micro-blog], Zhang Chao, Chen Zeyu and other good old man together, did not think of "allure four less" reunion will be in such a way that it is causing a lot of sigh with emotion. In September 22nd, Qiao Renliang is the first seven, in order to bid farewell to the idol, a lot of fans in the night before early at the funeral home, to accompany the idol last night. The only 300 have been selected to enter the registration of fans, and six this morning to the funeral home, the door has lined up tens of meters long, these fans early in the morning to the scene queuing collar ticket. Then the circle of artists have arrived, and Qiao Renliang has worked in film "no such person" Vivian Wu [micro-blog] morning rushed to the scene, after Joe Chen was photographed on a white dress, black mask concealed in the airport, to bid farewell to the seven years of friends, the expression is quite heavy. And Zhao Liying also appeared in general black funeral home, specially from the crew leave to attend the memorial service. Zhang Xinyu, Babel, and other artists around the circle also came to the last stage of the journey, as a friend on behalf of the introduction of the life of Mr. Qiao Renliang, Zhu Zhen, Qiao Renliang. And Qiao Renliang had fought in the draft stage of the 07 years of good boys, also came off. Wu Jian Fei [micro-blog] Zhang Chao, Chen Zeyu, and other former players good man in a black suit appeared, a solemn expression. Jing Bairan had been photographed in a black suit appeared at the airport, also came to see off for Qiao Renliang. Although at the memorial site has not been photographed but comes into play, fans saw Li Yifeng said afterwards to sit on the car to leave the business. Good old man, four brothers turned less but in the form of reunion, can not help but sigh. At the memorial speech session, turning away only son, Qiao Renliang’s father could not help but burst into tears, and said he could not accompany long have been very sorry, "he conscientiously filming acting for many years, but has long-term insomnia, I don’t think he is subjected to various processes, although he left this world, but I think of our son Qiao Renliang said:" we don’t blame you, we love you forever. "! The scene fans are crying into a piece, there are representatives of the fans said: "he is like the warm sunshine, lighting up our world, from then on more than a singer to sing." Many could not attend star performers have also sent a wreath mourning. (Lu Jiuwen) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: