Qiao Zhenyu starred in energy-saving jade childe interpretation of love hate entanglements (video)-nrf905

Qiao Zhenyu starred in "energy-saving" jade childe "interpretation of love hate imbroglio energy-saving" boot Yao Di Qiao Zhenyu together to talk about love Tencent entertainment news recently, China film CO produced by the Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Tak television Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing hualubaina film Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai Yao Di film culture Studio TV series "energy-saving" micro-blog released the official the two piece of Qiao Zhenyu’s scenes photos, other fans "time and again come out from the sub actor first unveiled. Other and elegant style of the ancient flavor ink set strong so that users are quite satisfied. "Energy-saving" tells the story of actress Li Qingluo (Yao Dishi) and son (Qiao Zhenyu), from Liu Jue (Zhu Jia Qishi) between entanglements of pure sadomasochistic kingship battle, love and hate, treacherous plot elements such as very suction eye, son from a particularly impressive angle. His mother was queen killed, hidden strength poised in a prince of repression, but because I met Li Qingluo and everything scruples, especially to save the green Luo willing to bear the pain of a dragon whip readers impressed the classic memories. Responsibility and suffering which this man had to bear that he is always filled with a touch of sadness, Qiao Zhenyu’s unique "Mo people like jade, son of unique style of temperament let him become the perfect choice. In the latest exposure scenes photos, Qiao Zhenyu golden hairdo, dark cloud picture sleeve robe a prince style, a single lonely figure like waiting for, let the whole picture is very low-key tone film texture. User comments: "tall, slim, noble and elegant temperament, male as the existence of God, such a wonderful son from", "love the style and tone", Qiao Zhenyu will be how the interpretation of character is complex and deep love is looking forward to the prince. TV series "energy-saving" will be directed by Gao Yijun, at the novel of the same name, screenwriter, history was Zhao Xuewei, Liang Yue longlong, CO authored, Yao Di, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhu Jiaqi, Wei Yi, Zheng Yawen, Zhang Di starring Tse Kwan Ho, Jiang Kai, Zhang Tong, Zhu Zanjin, Chen Jingyang, Xiao Yanbo, Sun Jialin, Yuan Fufu, Corelle, and also, Han He Yongsheng portrait of joining, stay tuned for more exciting.相关的主题文章: