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Qiu original here opened China John Park – Sohu tourism autumn flowers, chrysanthemum is better, brilliant colors, various shapes, add a touch of warmth to the coolness of autumn was slightly. After the rain, the flowers of the core of a lot of dew drops, floating in the air moisture mixed with a little chrysanthemum fragrance, I think this is probably the unique taste of autumn, Qiu xiang. As one of the Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition China John Park, based on the original basin picking chrysanthemum, with floral oriented, to create harmony with the cultural atmosphere, reveals the taste of literati ink. Flower, also known as the art of flower arrangement, is to put the flowers in the bottle, plates, pots and other containers, not planted in these containers. The flower material, or branches, or flowers, or leaves, without root, just part of the plant body, and not casually inserted, but according to a certain idea to follow certain rules of selection, creation, inserted into a graceful shape (shape), to express a the theme, convey a feeling and taste. Five step one scene, you can describe the scenery of the park. There is a rockery, lake water, the level of scattered, winding twists and turns, one can see the landscape picture and different tastes in different angles. Chinese garden full introduction China John John Park is located in the northwest corner of Dragon Lake Scenic Area of Kaifeng City, Mr. Li Gongtao led the family funds launched a financial landscape landscape art and classical garden architecture art, poetry, calligraphy and painting, inscriptions at all times and in all countries set art Dacheng culture garden, the park covers an area of 120 acres, South as the garden scenic area, the northern stone exhibition area, calligraphy and painting on display more than 3800 pieces of tablets, up to six li Beilang dynasties were ordered, with representatives of ancient calligraphy rubbings. China Hanyuan "Shanxi laoqiang Beilin show", "Lion", "drum" and "large water dance", "ancient imperial examinations" and other large programs, every day uninterrupted broadcast cycle. If you have good performances, you can experience the site to participate in the atmosphere, to go back to ancient times, make a return to the ancients, feel the joy of success. The layout of China Chinese Hanyuan Beilin John Park covers an area of 120 acres, a ridge, two lake, three mountains and three Taiwan, three lakes, three Bay, Isles, three springs, streams, waterfalls, five nine ten twelve twelve peak, bridge, pavilion [2], divided into two landscape, landscape corridor. The southern garden scenery, from south to North in turn built south arch, Yudai bridge, Huangdi family statue, monument, Panlong ridge, high mountain, John booth, Wencui Park Lake, poetry Tour Taiwan, Yang Mountain, zigzag bridge, like Confucius, stone island. The North corridor building, painting and calligraphy exhibition of more than 3800 pieces of tablets, from south to North in order to build a monument monument, stele, banyan Pavilion, Yi Hongqiao, Hanyuan Museum of art, the history of entrepreneurship hall, Wenchang Pavilion, head of Beilang etc.. The performance of the real estate act in the park, but it is a good combination of the cultural atmosphere here together. Is the location of inscriptions show Beilang, seen from the air, is Chinese characters Tian word, clever design is up as if into the inscriptions visitors visit the art gallery. Monument is designed according to the Tiantan of Beijing, a circular classical architecture.相关的主题文章: