Quanzhou two men overseas telecommunications fraud was arrested after only $1 million 170 thousand-ca1805

Quanzhou two men outside the 1 million 170 thousand yuan of telecommunications fraud and was arrested after returning to the Taiwanese network November 2nd news (reporter Zhang Kaihang correspondent Wang Quanyuan Fujian Huang Yingpeng) this afternoon, Quanzhou City Public Security Bureau, bureau held a news conference, informed recently uncovered fraud. One, in August 11th of this year occurred in the area of Wu Mouhong was more than 117 yuan of major telecom fraud fraud cases, and in the morning yesterday, fortress Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police in Shishi City, has arrested the suspect Xu moufu and Huang fire cracked. Police call money laundering is also involved in the sale of children? According to police reports, at 10:26 on August 11th this year, the Council received a public Wu Mouhong alarm, said cheated 1175295 yuan. The police to further understand the situation, the original, Wu Mouhong is a business owner, opened in Luojiang District of Quanzhou city. On the morning of August 10th this year, Wu Mouhong received a claim to be Quanzhou City Public Security Bureau police phone, since falling into the trap of swindlers. It is reported that the "police" the telephone to Wu Mouhong, said Wu Mouhong in Guangdong to open a bank account for money laundering, and said it suspected of involvement in the Guangdong child trafficking case, asked Wu Mouhong to Guangdong to cooperate with the investigation. Wu Mouhong was shocked, because the body is not too good, she said to the other, physical discomfort to travel. Opposite the police is also very considerate, so she contacted a Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau Police Corps officer wang". Do not doubt it, Wu Mouhong then dialed the king police phone, and then also removed the contact with other departments investigators, the other party also faxed a printed Wu Mouhong head arrest warrant to the Wu Mouhong. See the arrest warrant, Wu Mouhong also afraid, Wang police asked her to deposit the bank account into the bank account of the bank on their development. Outside of the crime is committed to domestic people in this case, Wu Mouhong has the day and the next day, a total of 1175295 remitted to the other account. Until the night found something wrong, it chose to alarm. After the incident, the fortress also attaches great importance to the leadership of the Public Security Bureau, the first time the police organization to carry out the investigation judged, to cases quickly. The ad hoc police were dispatched to Beijing, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places, after full investigation, finally initially locked the suspect, and yesterday morning, in Shishi City, Xu Moufu and Huang has caught fire. It is reported that the 26 year old Xu moufu, Anxi, Huang fire 24 years old this year, the people of Nanan. After the interrogation, the two confessed, in August this year, they participated in by the Taiwan suspects control of telecommunications fraud group, from Malaysia, by telephone and other means, posing as public, prosecutors, law and other units, the implementation of fraud of the masses. In August 10th and 11, two people played different roles on the implementation of fraud victim Wu Mouhong, has deceived the RMB 117 yuan, respectively, two share of proceeds of 40 thousand yuan. Two people said that they have gambling addiction, because there is no money, will join the telecommunications fraud syndicate, round-trip ticket costs, the group are reimbursed, because the money to make up for two people.相关的主题文章: