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Rainy night two eight years old 13 years old guard out of junior high school students three hours (Figure) – Beijing, "I have been found in the rain, looked at a time in the past, I was really desperate. When I saw my father again, I couldn’t believe it." Yesterday, the 47 year old Niu Yan came to the eighth middle school of Shenyang City, personally handed Hu Zherui a banner to two students, Jin jing. It is this two "after 00", just 13 years old, junior high school students, in the rainy night full Guardian cattle Yan 85 year old father and his three hours. Remember this thing, cattle Yan excitement wiped tears. Startling: father when his walk disappeared in September 9th, 85 year old uncle said to walk downstairs cattle. This does not matter, the old man out of the house a few kilometers away. In Fumin Bridge near the old man accidentally fell over, arms and legs have different degrees of abrasion. At this point, enthusiastic people found the elderly and reported to the police. But when the old man and the police rushed to the scene, the old man went. In the recent place to stay, looking for the cattle family began to turn the road. At this point, Shenyang police have begun to actively help find. The passage of time, the night, the four children figure cow panic and confusion. At this time, the sky is still raining. "The wind and rain, I really worry about the father have a unexpected misfortune." The old guard moved: two students three hours "your father in Changqing street near Shenyang dormitory room guard." Day 20, two cattle uncle’s son received a phone call, went straight to the Changqing street. Guard room, cattle uncle sitting on the sofa, one side of the two students like children. "Thank you so much. You’re so young, you’ve been here all the time." My father and uncle’s son, cattle especially excited, again and again to the two children said, but in the end even the name of the child did not ask, just know that they are Shenyang City eighth middle school students. That night, the old man was sent to the hospital. After a few days of rest, now there is nothing serious. In order to thank the two children, cattle Yan will banner to the school, while the school also does not know who is doing good. It is widely spread, the two main characters Hu Zherui, Jing Kim will appear in front of you. Niu Yan and specially on behalf of one family came to the school, once again expressed gratitude to the two children. Narrator: and his family leave the elderly Guardian yesterday, introverted, low-key Hu Zherui, Jing Kim told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter to restore the night the whole process. When they say it, the expression is still plain, like a very simple matter. 17 o’clock on the day of the incident, after the children go out to play together after school two. Go to Evergreen Street, Willow Pond Road intersection east 50 meters, they suddenly heard "splash". According to popularity, I saw an old man fell back to the ground. At this time, the rain splashed to two people, the umbrella hurriedly ran past. They slowly raised the old man, the umbrella in the old man’s head, and helped to the vicinity of the guard room. Although the two children repeatedly asked the elderly home information, but the elderly simply can not answer. At that time, as well as a young woman of more than and 20 years old has been guarding the house next to相关的主题文章: